Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wenger Glad To Be Rid of Hleb

And it doesn't sound like he gives a toss about him leaving either. Hleb was unveiled at Barcelona yesterday formally, and I'm happy to see him go. As I said yesterday I think Nasri, Walcott, Vela, and Rosicky (if healthy) are all better assets to have on the wing than the Hlebanator. Arsene thanked him for his service but didn't seem too upset:

'We must firstly thank Alex for his contribution towards Arsenal during his time with us. 'He played a significant role in the three seasons he was with the club. 'We are comfortable with our decision to let him go and we are all looking forward to continuing our preparations for the new season ahead. 'Everyone at Arsenal wishes Alex the best of luck for the future.'

Except for me. I wish him terrible look in the future and hope he never wins anything and his career ends when he's 29 because he loses the ability to kick a ball. Nah that's a little bit harsh but not too far off. Isn't it ironic that we won a trophy the year before Hleb arrived and haven't won anything in the three years that he's been here? Hmmm...he may have brought a non-trophy curse?

I think Arsene had this whole thing planned out really. When people originally came in for Hleb he said "No, no we'll never sell Alexander Hleb, he's a big player for us and won't be going anywhere." I think this was just to get as much money as possible for him, and what do you know, we've made a profit from when we bought him even though he's three years older! Great bit of business Arsene.

Arsene is very happy about the transfer.

So I want to go over what has happened thus far in the transfer window, in case you aren't keeping track. We've lost Hleb, Gilberto, and Flamini, all midfielders, and Jens Lehmann. We've brought in Nasri and Ramsey, who are also both midfielders. So why does everyone seem to think we are going through some sort of a crisis? It looks like Adebayor will be staying now, we replaced Hleb and Ramsey could be a big player for us in the future, and we still have some money to spend if Arsene wants to. He may be confident enough in Song, Diaby, or Denilson to not bring in a replacement at defensive midfielder. Nobody thought Flamini could do the job before last season, and look how well that turned out. Frankly I think most people thought Flamini was a bit shite before last season, now he's making loads of money at Milan. Arsene Wenger knows what his players can do. We'll find out in the upcoming preseason games, starting in two days with Barnet, which player he's going to try to fill in that role with.

I have to say though I'm sad about losing Gilberto. I'll miss that man. He was a good player for us for a long time and have put together a great picture special that you should really check out. Good memories they are.

There really isn't that much else. I'll get something together tomorrow to preview the Arsenal vs Barnet match on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. Other than that let's talk on the forums or the comments, they are much appreciated. Cheers.


Daniel said...

Hleb really was an awful player for us and I believe if he had a Rosicky-esque injury last season we would have done so much better. To get £12m for him is great too because I would have been happy to see him go for 12p...terrible player.

As well as his meagre goals tally (11 in all competitions) and his inability to shoot, Hleb even established himself as a Grade A tosser bereft of professionalism.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have to say goodbye to Gilberto Silva. He was a true professional throughout his career and I am chuffed that he has joined a good team on a long term deal. I wish him all the success with his new team and hope we play Pana in the Champions League so we can give him a rousing reception. THANK YOU GILBERTO!!!

ArseNole said...

Spot on Daniel, Gilberto was a class act. I'm really sad to see him go and it would be great if he did get to come back and play in the Emirates, because I know he would get a wonderful reception. He was never one to complain about anything, and he was a great servant to the club. Thanks for the memories Bert!

goduffgo said...

...........ignoring that "idiot" there Gilberto has some grace about leaving! he was on the bench all season thanks to another money seeking wanker, and never complained. he toltay left with no bad comments.......if only every footballer is like Gilberto........

Gooner 4 life! said...

Although Hleb may have made 11 assists in all competitions this season, i'm happy to see the back of him. we dont players who cant respect the club. on a slightly sober note, i'm sad about gilberto leaving and the fact that he didnt get much time with arsenal. he really gave it all for us. I hope we manage to sell off adebayor. he's lost all face within the team and this is also the peak time to sell him off.

Joaquin said...

I say make an example of that twat Ade. I would much rather sell him now for what we can get for him. If not let him rot in the reserves til January then sell him and make him an example for anyone else who thinks they are too big for the club.