Monday, July 28, 2008

Burgenland 2-10 Arsenal Match Report

So it was a much better performance than all of our previous friendlies, and while it was against far inferior opposition, it was nice to see Arsenal be able to get into the flow of a game and work their pass and move attacks.

The lineup looked like this at the start:


So it was a side almost unchanged from the last friendly but Walcott was on the bench instead of starting this one. It didn't take long for the scoring to begin.

In the 1st minute, Armand Traore ran down the left side and crossed the ball low into the box. Aaron Ramsey got a touch on it but it fell to Jack Wilshere who decided to lob it into the corner and the ball just got across the line. So 1-0 to Arsenal and we were off to a flyer.

Not long after that Bendtner got on the score sheet in the 15th minute. It was a screamer from the edge of the box that really had a lot of power on it. Before that goal Bendtner had wasted several chances and didn't look confident at all, so it was good to see him get on the score sheet early on.

The third goal was almost right after that and it was Bendtner again. Wilshere cut inside from the right wing and sent a great through ball to Bendtner who slotted it coolly home. The pass was just as spectacular as the goal and Wilshere had an absolute cracker of a game.

Goal number four saw Carlos Vela get on the score sheet for the first time in an Arsenal shirt. A great goal from him and it was good for him to get off the mark for Arsenal.

It was still less than thirty minutes into the game when we scored our 5th goal. Bendtner got his first half hat trick when he was sent through and sent the ball into the far corner and beat the onrushing keeper.

Vela got another shortly after to make it 6-0, and Bendtner made it 7-0 before the half. So we went in up 7 at the half and we really could have had 3 or 4 more at least. Vela probably should have had a penalty that the ref waived off because the score was so embarrassing and as I said earlier, Bendtner missed a couple of chances that he probably should have put in. Armand Traore picked up a slight knock and had to come off before the half and was replaced by Henri Lansbury.

Half time changes were as follows: Clichy, Denilson, Bendtner, and Almunia off. Mannone, Randall, Walcott, and Simpson on.

Vela scored again shortly after half time to make his hat trick, which was very impressive and made it 8-0 to Arsenal.

Wilshere got the 9th goal. He made a darting run into the box, dummied the defender and went by and was fouled on the way past. The referree gave the penalty and Wilshere stepped up to take it himself. He struck a perfect, collected penalty into the bottom right corner.

Walcott got his first goal of the match late in the game after he received yet another assist from Jack Wilshere and hit it past the keeper. So that made it 10-0 and we had reached double digits.

Then you could tell Arsenal sort of took off the gas and Burgenland decided to try to mount a comeback. They scored one off of a corner kick that was scrambled around in the box and put past Mannone. That made it 10-1 and while it was disappointing to concede a goal, the game was so out of hand that it didn't matter. They scored another shortly after to make it 10-2 but Arsenal weren't really playing at that point.

So the final was 10-2, in a brilliant performance.

Man of the Match: Jack Wilshere, shortly ahead of Bendtner. He made about five assists and scored two goals and was overall outstanding. I know he's only 16 and you shouldn't build up the youngsters so much but I can't help but be excited every time he touches the ball. He has great vision, great dribbling ability, and is just a smart player. I can't wait to see what he can do in a few years.

Needs Work: Well, the two goals at the end shouldn't have happened, but I won't really fault them for losing a bit of concentration after being up 10-0.

So that's about it for this match. Stuttgart on Wednesday should be our first real test, and Arsene Wenger confirmed that Samir Nasri WILL PLAY in that match. So that's something we can all look forward to.

Hope you all enjoyed the match. Cheers!


barlop said...

Woow, it was a fabulous perfomance,i cant wait for the season to begin and more so carling where most if not all these youngsters will feature.

Prakasit said...


P-Shug said...

What a bloody pig pile. Looking forward to seeing Nasri and his talent.

jamesgillesp said...

sounds like an easy match!
Would be good to see the Stuttgart match, Nasri looks exciting, but we shouldn't expect too much yet..

ArseNole said...

Yeah I'm not expecting a ton from him since he'll have only been training with his new team mates for a week. Luckily for me I'll get to watch the Stuttgart match online since I'm not in the UK.

Davo said...

Has anyone else been dissappointed with bendtner so far? Before he got his first goal he missed as many chances as he would get in a whole league game. Even though he scored 4 he missed a lot. Shame Simpson didn't score, then again he did miss an open goal tap in. Impressed by wilshire again, vela can't wait to see more, I thought denilson played better than he has in previous pre-seasons and traore well too. Looking forward to watching them play a real team now.

JH92 said...

IM BACK!! hey soz my computer was didnt work for 2 weeks. gd post. wilshere , ramsey and vela looked gd.

JH92 said...

yeh i agree bendtner wasnt very gd. arsenole wehere do u watch it onlie.

ArseNole said...

davo yeah I wrote in the report that i didn't think Bendtner was good early on but anytime you get 4 goals it will help your confidence. I think he is a player who really needs to be on his game mentally and it really affects him if he knows he isn't playing well.

Josh I watch them on Arsenal TV Online