Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boats 'N Hoes

Morning all. That video is hilarious. If you don't know what it's from it's from the movie Step Brothers that just came out. I saw it last night and I didn't stop laughing.

So it's been a quiet few days in the world of Arsenal. No matches till Monday so I suppose they've just been training away. One bright spot however is that Kolo Toure appears to have made a miraculous recovery from his malaria. It's the Sun reporting so take it for what it's worth but they say he could start light training as early as next week. That would definitely be a boost for the team and hopefully he'll be ready by the beginning of the season and fully fit. Now that 's recovering I can start my "Sell Gallas" campaign again!

Samir Nasri, as expected, will be playing out wide this season. I thin we all knew he was a replacement for Hleb but now Nasri himself is talking about playing out wide in the coming year:

"I've spoken with Arsene Wenger and I'm going to play on the wing, because that's where the playmakers evolve, overlapping with the fullbacks," Nasri told French sports daily L'Equipe. "That system suits me, I played that way for four years with the French youth team and at the last European Championship. Either on the left or the right, it hasn't been defined yet."

He went on to talking about how he needs to improve his game to succeed in England and pretty much said all the general things that new players arriving say. He seems genuinely excited to play for Arsenal, and I really don't think you can ask for much more from him in the way of how to act and what to say so far.

Manuel Almunia had some nice things to say about Aaron Ramsey, saying he could be the New Cesc. He has looked pretty decent in preseason so far, but it's preseason against much weaker clubs than ours. So let's keep it all in perspective for now, but yes he does look a very good player and Wenger wouldn't have signed him and promised him that he could be in the first team at age 17 if he wasn't special.

There really isn't that much else. Go see Step Brothers. I still haven't seen Batman, but I'll be doing that at some point. Cheers.


P-Shug said...

Haven't seen Batman yet? Have you been living under a rock or something? I think so.

Connolly's agent said...

Batman's excellent. Definitely should see it. Pee beforehand, though, because it's a bit long.