Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Join The ArseNole Premiership Fantasy League!

Morning everyone. I've got to leave for work in about twenty minutes so I can't be arsed to write about Adebayor yet again today, especially said I'd take a break from all that. There really isn't that much other news for the day so I've decided to do something fun and I've made a Premiership fantasy league for all of us to play in. It's really easy so I've got it in steps for you.

1: Go to

2: Click on Register and go through the registration and team selection process - it's totally free to play

3: Once you are on your team line-up page click on Mini League and type the following information in the Join A Mini League boxes:

League Name: ArseNole Premier League
Password: arsenal

Just make sure you go to join a mini-league and type the League Name and password in correctly and you'll be good to go! Hopefully we can get a lot of entries and make it a fun competition.

I'm deciding on a prize to give away to the winner of the league, it will possibly be a new Arsenal kit or who knows what else. It'll be something good though because it's a very long contest. So everyone please join and make it fun for everybody.

I'll tell you right now 3 of my 4 defenders are Gunners, 2 midfielders are, and 1 striker who's currently on the bench. And no, I have no Chelski or ManUre players on my team. Cheers!

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Wrong N said...

Looks good to me,selected my team and joined the league. C'mon you reds....