Monday, July 14, 2008

Sergio Aguero Could Come To Arsenal

Morning all. You know when you sleep for like a pretty long time and you really shouldn't be tired but you're tired all the same? That's how I am right now. I'm also in the mood to eat some Subway, but that's another story entirely.

So on to the news. What news you might say? Well it seems Sergio "El Kun" Aguero has been linked with Arsenal after some quotes from his agent.

"I can't say more until I've spoken to the club about the offer. All I can tell you is that it's one of the best teams in Europe and it's not Chelsea"

Interesting quote that is. These days agents usually tell you every club that is interested by name to try to work up more speculation and to try and draw other parties into the mix. I don't know exactly why everyone thinks it's Arsenal after such a broad statement but we have been linked with him in the past. He's a player with absolutely astounding skill on the ball that could certainly help out Arsenal, as long as he could handle the physical nature of the English game. We just saw how Alexander Hleb got sick of the physicality after only three years and Aguero is even smaller than Hleb. He is a brilliant player though and any team would love to have him. So keep your fingers crossed and maybe, just maybe, we'll sign him.

Arsenal Legend Nigel Winterburn has joined Blackburn's coaching staff as a defensive coach. I guess Arsene Wenger didn't think he could help out our defense or surely we would have given him a job. Winterburn is class. I hope Blackburn is still shite though.

Gilberto Silva looks to be on his way for 1.2 million pounds to Panthinaikos in Greece. Arsenal Analysis reports that the papers have been signed and sent to Athens for everything to be finalized and Gilberto is having his medical on Wednesday. I'm sad to see him go. You were a good player for us Gilberto, good luck to you mate.

Here's a picture of Cesc in our new away kit. I'm not sure what to think of it. I don't think I'm a fan though. It is definitely a lot more Arsenal than the white one last year for sure.

The Arsenal interest in Gareth Barry was very real indeed. According to Martin O'Neil, Pat Rice called Villa to ask how the transfer to Liverpool was going because Arsenal "might be interested." When Villa told Rice how it was going, Pat (according to O'Neil) said "That's fine, we'll let you know." So it seems that Arsenal were interested but it doesn't look like are going to follow up on it with a bid. Villa want about 17 million for him and Wenger will never pay that for him. Interesting to see that we did make the call about him though.

That's about all I have. Discussion is good, so get on the forums and chat it up. What do you think about Aguero and the Barry situation? On a scale of 1-10 how sick are you of the Adebayor and Hleb stories? I'm at a 10. Cheers all!


Joaquin said...

It would be amazing to have El Kun here at Arsenal, but I believe the price is too high. The belief in Spain is that only Man U are willing to spend the type of money they would be asking for. I heard his buyout is at 55 mil euros, a figure none of us could see Wenger shelling out. I don't really mind that we aren't going to get Barry. He is quality but I don't see him as an Arsenal player.

Gooner for life! said...

I agree with Jouquin, Wenger would never pay more than 15 mil pounds for anybody. Although I feel that we definitely need a striker, since Adebayor is leaving. Eduaordo is out for nearly half the season (pity) and RVP is pretty prone to injuries as well so we'll be playing a lot with walcott and bendtner, neither of whom I can see scoring 20 goals a season. Still hoping for Villa, now that Benitez has dropped out. Btw, what position does Ramsey play? Wing?

Chase said...

Hey didnt you hear that Eduardo will probably be back before the start of the season. If Wenger isint gonna pay over 15 mil pounds for anyone why would you be hoping we get Villa because he would cost us about 30 mil pounds. And Barca are going to offer 15 mil pounds and Samuel Eto'o for Adebayor, yes thats right so we will probably have a great season up forward. Ramsey will either replace Flamini or be a sub seeing as Nasri will be replacing Hleb on the wing. If we do get Barry expect he will be playing in the centre with Cesc. Plus Aguero is a young striker so i would only see a price of about 20 mil pounds at most which i can see Wenger offering because as i said he is a yound player so he can learn to deal with the pace. Plus Wenger may be offering 19 mil pounds for Arshavin. Remember Wenger had a 70 mil pound transfer budget and he hasnt even gone past 25 mil pounds of that so i can see him offering big money for Aguero and Arshavin or Barry.

Joaquin said...

Gooner, Ramsey is a central midfielder but can play on the wing, just like all our other midfielders. He said he would ideally partner Cesc sometime in the future. If we were to swap in the Ade deal I would rather see us get yaya than Eto'o. But regardless if we got Eto'o and money for spiderman I would be content as well.
Chase, even though Eduardo will be back in training soon, I am sure Wenger will bring him back slowly so don't expect too many minutes for him. In particular at the beginning of the season.
I don't believe we will splash for Aguero he is just too pricey. But 16-20 for Arshavin I could see Wenger doing.

gooner for life! said...

The arsenal website says that eduardo will come back in december and the way i see it, any time from him should be considered as bonus time. now that the scousers have dropped out for villa, arsenal does have shoo in for abt 20 mil which could be possible. the adebayor eto,o deal sounds interesting and it could give us a shot at arshavin. i heard that rosicky should be back be end of august and i desperately hope thats true. we need nasri and rosicky down the wing. who'll play center then? ramsey/denilson + cesc? that would a weak link in the team. finally, will carlos vela get a lot of action this season?

ArseNole said...

I think Carlos Vela will play a good amount this season depending on injuries/cup matches/etc. Eduardo could be back in training as early as next month but certainly won't be playing for a while after that. I don't know that Eto'o still has it anymore, he hasn't been good lately and has been injured a lot.

JH92 said...

aguero scored 19 goals this season and missed quite a few games. this was his first proper season with atletico and he scored more than torres ever scored in a season at atletico which was 17. hes got gr8 upper body strength and can defiantly succeed in the premier league. torres costed 26 mill so except aguero to go for 22 mill. I WANT AGUERO!!! lol. notice how the agent said chelsea. maybe he is hinting its another london. ARSENAL. Eduardo yes returns december but just remember guys mentalty it could be extremely hard for him to overcome playing football. except to see him in february or march.

just before i go a couple of days ago i read this on gooner talk.

Juan - Argentina - July 13, 2008
According to Argentina newspaper Benos Aires Herald Arsene wenger is understood to have met with Atletico officials and representatives to thrash out a £32.75m deal to bring the argentine to the Emirates. Sergio Aguero is with argentina preparing for the olympics and is believed to be very interested in a move to ‘London’ and was quoted in buenos aires herald newspaper
“London is a great city. Arsenalfc is a very attractive team with a great manger (Wenger) and i would definitely welcome the chance to play for them. There has been an offer but I cannot say more until I have spoken to the club about the offer”

JH92 said...

when they say 32.75 mill i think they mean euros. which would make the cost 22 mill pounds. i hope this is true