Monday, July 21, 2008

Gallas Could Be Sold, So Let's Make It Happen

Morning all. Today is July 21st which means that all the players that played in the Euros, including Samir Nasri, report for training today. So welcome to Samir, welcome back to van Persie, and not welcome back to Emmanuel Adebayor.

So we'll start with the boss talking about Theo Walcott. He improved dramatically at the end of last season, sparked some might say by that amazing run against Liverpool in the Champion's League. (Great run but tough memories right after the conclusion of that goal.) However, he wants to play striker, not on the wing, and Arsene has said he intends for him to be moved up front down the road. Arsene had this to say about him:

“Theo made a step forward last season and you expect him to improve again,” said Wenger after the 2-1 win over Barnet on Saturday. “The target last year was for him to play 15 to 20 games and show quality. The target this year is to become a regular player.

“What position he’ll play in I don’t know. At the moment he looks more at ease wide than as a central striker. But we have to wait through the preparation games and see how ready he will be. The Barnet game was not a good opportunity to judge him.”

And I agree with him whole heatedly. I think if he continues to improve on the way he played near the end of last year he can certainly win the starting spot on the right side of midfield and if he pushes on from there he can get some games as a striker as well. Think about what options we have on the right, Walcott, Eboue (no comment), and maybe Rosicky or Nasri if the other is playing on the opposite side. Not exactly an impossible spot for Theo to lock down as his own. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Theo can do this season. He didn't look good at all up front in the Barnet match but that's to be expected as he hardly ever plays in that role plus it was the first game back. I have grown out my facial hair to match Walcott's chin-strap style beard and have dubbed it "The Theo." It's actually quite nice.

I hope the boss doesn't persist with Eboue. Surely he realizes that the man brings nothing to the table. It's been a lingering thought in the back of my mind all summer, that of having to deal with another full season of Eboue starting on the wing. But I think the boss may finally realize that Theo can bring much more to the team playing in that spot. Eboue is no more than a backup right back and it should be kept that way. The farther away from the pitch he is kept, the better. We should just get him a cage that he can be locked in to watch all the matches, so that Arsene isn't ever tempted to play him. Have I mentioned I'm not an Eboue fan?

It took me ages to find this video so I hope you enjoyed it. Not the best quality video but if you watched it live it'll still be amazing to relive it; it was for me.

As far as transfer news, The Telegraph reports that PSG and Barcelona are interested in William Gallas for 6 million pounds and that Juventus could put in a 15 million pound bid for Robin van Persie. For once that actually sounds like a player Arsene Wenger might not mind losing. I wouldn't be upset at all to see us sell William Gallas for 6 million pounds. He's 31, he shouldn't be captain and this would be a great way to make sure we bring in a new defender and keep Kolo Toure in the starting lineup. There's not a bad way to look at it. Then Kolo would get the captaincy, we'd get our powerful defender and we have no whining from Gallas. I don't know if the interest from PSG is real or not but if it is then I'm begging Arsene to sell him. It would just take care of a bunch of problems all at once. Anyone disagree?

As for Robin van Persie, I don't think Arsene would let him go, especially with the fragile state of Emmanuel Adebayor's relationship with the club at this point. So I don't think we have anything to worry about there. I'd probably take 20 million for him though, if they offered that.

Bakary Sagna spoke about his injury and how well he's recovered from it, saying that there is still some pain but he can play normally.

"I needed to find my performance level again and be prepared to give more than I have before.

"I do think, though, that I will be fit for the start of the season.

"I want to focus on my own game, perform for Arsenal and see what the season brings. Hopefully it will be some cups."

I love Bakary. He always has a great attitude and works hard, not to mention he's the best damn right back in the league. Here's to your full recovery mate! Cheers!


Dan said...

Oh yeah let's sell Gallas, let's take £5m which is nothing in football these days, break the bank for a new centre half and then need to give the new arrival a few months to bed in to our team...don't be so f***ing stupid mate. All this chat about Willy being a rubbish captain is a load of bollocks started by the media when Gallas gave an impassioned response to us being raped by the bias referees once again.

I know a couple of lads on Arsenal's books and they love Willy, he always takes time to give advice, keeps the morale high and even arranges trips for the youngsters. Sure I don't think we've seen the best of him but his experience amongst other redeemable characteristics warrant him staying and being supported as our captain.

The only reason our defence isn't great is because of our substandard goalkeepers. The Boss needs to sign a serious, commanding goalie and we will win competitions.

Sorry mate you are so off the mark on the Gallas front. Adebayor and van Persie the sick note should be shown the door not Captain Bill.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i am disagreeing RE selling Gallas, any Arsenal fan with an ounce of sense would not of wrote what you just wrote.

Gallas is quality and up until the Brum game he was an absolutely superb Leader, and he may have had a bit of a fit at the Brum game but it shows just how much passion he has.

Toure is not ready, he has never been a natural leader, he leads with his defensive ability, Gallas leads with his presence.

Not to mention he is a world class defender.

And also, maybe you should of taken a second to think about the repercussions selling Gallas could have on the team, for a start, the players would be losing a captain who almost led us to a Premier League title in his first year, not to mention losing a world class defender, we are already short at the back, we should be trying to keep our defenders and there you are saying we should sell an accomplished CB with credentials as long as your arm and bring in who exactly?

Anonymous said...

Ability-wise I still rate Eboue. Strange it may seem. It's up to the boss to fine tune his 'mental' state.

As for Adebayor, I'm seriously only impressed with his dancing ability. Incidentally, Eboue's his best jiggy partner. Let them stay.

ArseNole said...

There are several players I'd rather have than William Gallas, and I'm going to have to disagree with you both. Dan how can you blame it on the goal keeping when if you watch the matches over again it's almost always due to defensive mistakes?

Gallas is 31 years old, he's past his best, and 6 million for him is pretty good for someone his age.

Anon, if we had won the league with Henry as captain, would he have been a superb leader too? No, he wasn't a good captain. Just because the team plays well doesn't mean it's all down to the leadership of the captain.

I stuck up for Gallas all season (you can read my posts from last year about him if you don't believe it) but all I'm saying here is that if we can get 6 million for him, then i'd rather have that than Gallas.

Anonymous said...

£6 million is nothing for a team like us, we have money and in terms of finances, we are in the best position out of any team in the Big Four in terms of financial stability, don't go jumping on the we have no money bandwagon just because we don't flaunt our money away.

Adams played some of his best football in his 30's as did Keown, Dixon etc, Gallas was much much better last season than in his first season with us and next season he will be great as well.

He is a fit as a fiddle, and imo he is in much better shape now than he was a Chavski.

We need stability, selling Gallas would not only weaken our defence, it would have a bad impact on the players as well as losing valuable experience.

ArseNole said...

I really just don't think he's a better defender than Toure who is also much younger and much more loyal to the Arsenal cause.

Where do you see me saying we have no money? I've actually written several posts about how well off we are financially so I don't know where you got that.

PS: Gallas is no Tony Adams

Anonymous said...

Because your saying you would rather have £6 million in the bank than a world class defender who is also our captain, thats why i bought the issue of money into it.

Do you know any other defenders who would bring the experience, skills and leadership Gallas would bring who would cost £6 million?

He isn't better than Toure and Toure isn't better than him, they both have different attributes that make them the players they are, and the last time i looked, it took 2 centre backs to tango, not one, so who would you suggest bringing in in Gallas's absence, someone who has Premier League experience, is a seasoned international, is a good leader and would cost no more than say, £10 millon???

I didn't say he was Tony Adams and i didn't compare them, your saying Gallas is past it, how did you come to that judgement? which is why i countered with the fact Adams was still playing World Class football way into his 30's.

We need to keep Gallas and bring in a Centre back, not lose Gallas and then bring in a CB.

Dan said...

Exactly Anon, you are absolutely right mate. Our club is seen as unstable at the moment, and to a certain degree it is. Over the past four years we've had three different captains (Vieira, Henry and Gallas), what would it do continuity-wise if we got rid of Gallas now? The team is working well together and Arsenole is implying that 31 is ancient...not true, Gallas looks just as fit as the youngsters around him...he'll be awesome next season. DON'T FREE WILLY!!!

ArseNole said...

I'd rather sell Gallas and put the money towards someone like Per Mertesacker who probably wouldn't be all that expensive and would contrast well with Kolo's style.

There's a reason Wenger said he's thinking about the captaincy situation, and it's because even he has questions about whether or not Gallas can do it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind Mertesacker either, but i would question his ability in the Prem and right now he is knowhere near the level of Gallas.

Anonymous said...

firstly, gallas is one of the most experienced players we have, something we really really need. he's won the league, the fa cup etc.

secondly, i wasn't impressed with mertesacker in the euros. At all. he would be a gamble and would probably require a large enough fee.

we cannot sell gallas. he has the will to win, and experience, not to mention the fact that he is still a very good defender!

Joaquin said...

Although I no longer want him as a captain, I believe Gallas has 1 more season left with us. The only way I could see him leaving was if we had already signed the replacement, and I do not see that happening. Mertesacker is slow and would be eaten alive by the pace of the premier league. I think we will have to make do for one more year and then he will be off and fab for captain then, kolo vice captain.

Anonymous said...

sell??, friggen hell mate, it's buying we need to do.

Anonymous said...

Eh,u guys have rambled......anyway,all of u are right though! Gallas is not a natural born leader.....but he is a good defender.Though last season i wondered if he is involved in gambling,the MANU match at old trafford i questioned him.I thought he sold that game to some money men who had put money on MANU winning the league..we need him for one more season and let him go....He has matured abit, but he used to be a bad influence with his groanings and moarning....

Mike said...

I agree totally about the Eboue Cage LOL

Right now my two biggest worries about the season are Eboue, and the possibility that injuries or suspension could once again have us starting Senderos against Man U or Chelsea.

paul said...

Mertesacker YIKES are you guys serious i dont know who was worse him or metzelder just because they are tall doesnt mean they are good did you guys actually watch the euros both German CB's cant pass and cant run to save their lives two big lumps that are so overrated by all the FM PES crowd Torres ran them ragged in that final they would not cope in the EPL play Senderos anyday over those two