Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Toure and Adebayor Speak

So we beat Sunderland Sunday 3-2 after blowing a two goal lead when we went up two to nil. Two goals by Van Persie who is now on quite a hot streak himself. I think that's 5 goals in 4 matches for him. Anyways, Sunderland got a red card in the 90th minute because of Paul McShane's tackle on Alexander Hleb, who had already gotten badly fouled by Mark Noble last week. Well Kolo Toure has not taken very kindly to this.

"When I saw that on the replay, I thought the intention was bad."

"He did not get to Hleb and I think sometimes it is better to relax (when a player is coming towards you).

"It can make something worse happen. The referee did well to send him off.

"I spoke to Alex afterwards and I said 'they want to kill you' - but I was just joking.

"Alex is such a great player. He is okay, all right."

Toure is filling in as captain and it's good to see him standing up for his team mates when they are attacked like that. He also spoke about winning the title, saying they don't think about it right now, but that we are playing well and want to keep it up. Confidence is sky high and if they can continue this magnificent run then the title could truly be a possibility.

Next up is Adebayor, who spoke about his strike partner, Robin Van Persie. He talked about how Van Persie's skills perfectly match his own and I have to agree. Where Robin has better skill on the ball and a better shot, Adebayor has the work rate and the size and strength that Robin lacks. Together they have eleven goals this season which is fantastic for this point in the season. He said they have built up an "automatic understanding" where they both know exactly where the other wants the ball played. Hopefully both forwards can stay healthy and continue this dominant run.

Here's some remarks from cunty United players Tevez and Evra saying how they can beat Arsenal to the title. Big words from a team who lost to us twice last season.

Micah Richards restated his desire to play for Arsenal one day. I think he's a great player and he should come in to the team after Gallas is deemed too old or too injured. Maybe sooner because Wenger has that 70 million quid war chest.

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Anonymous said...

imagine having Richards on the team...the kid's a beast.

erm...i'd rather not be directed to a Daily Mail site though...I feel like washing my hands...ugh...