Thursday, October 18, 2007

Arsenal AGM Meeting, Wenger for Chairman

We'll start right off with some good news. The Arsenal Board has agreed to an extension to the lock down agreement with regard to selling shares of the club. The deal they signed says that they cannot sell to any persons outside of their immediate family until the end of April 2009 and after that they have to give the other board members first option on any shares they wish to sell. This part of the deal runs until 2012 with an option to cancel in 2010. This is good news for us as it keeps Usmanov and his meat-pie demolishing self away from our club. Yes he owns 23 percent of the club now but he clearly wants more and now we know he won't get any more from the current board for at least 2 years and most likely for five. I think PHW really can't stand Usmanov and Dein and will do anything to keep him out so if one of the other board members wants to sell up their stake I think Old Petey would probably try to buy it first.

Hill-Wood continued with a message to the fans saying that the club is based on being self sufficient and they will continue to resist a takeover and will continue to have a successful business model for Arsenal.

Strangely enough, Petey went on to talk about the replacement for himself, and he thinks that the next chairman of the club should be Arsene Wenger. Peter is 71 years old and knows he won't be around forever but thinks that the greatest manager of all time should take over his place. I think this would be a great thing for the club if he decided to do it. Arsene has said in recent years that he doesn't think he will manage all that much longer, and I think by the time PHW steps down he might seriously consider the position. He's a genius when it comes to managing a team, and I think we can handle the risk of letting him run the club.

Robin van Persie is hurt. He suffered a knee injury yesterday while playing for Holland and nobody really knows how bad it is or how long he will be out. Hopefully not long because he is playing great football at the moment and he and Adebayor are really becoming a strong partnership. I think he has something like 5 goals in the last 4 matches or something which is quite a run so let's hope it isn't bad.

Kerrea Gilbert is being a bit of a prick. He's on loan at Southend and he's apparently gotten into it with his manager. He had a problem like this last year at Cardiff and never played for them again. Well now he's finding it hard to get first team football at Southend as well, and hasn't played since September 8th for the first team. He can't even start for Southend and yet he has started games for Arsenal before. This guy must be a real knob.

Thierry Henry scored two goals last night to beat Platini's goal scoring record for France. Congratulations to him.

Jens Lehmann is also stealing the spotlight once again for stupid shite, pretty much saying that he is the best human on Earth, and no other humans can ever hope to achieve what he is capable of.

"The positive for me is I am an all-around talent. I have no weakness."

Yes Jens that would be good, but theh problem is you have been complete shite this year and maybe you really just aren't that good anymore.

Jens is pissing me off. That's all I have for today. Bolton this weekend. I hate Bolton.


Patrick said...

Usmanov wont ever get a chance at arsenal with this new agreement. He will more than likely have a heart attack and die before time comes around for him to buy em up.

RvP out for a month. Thats the latest I've heard. Also senderos for a bit of time, but Gallas, Rosicky, and Lehman have all been cleared to play again.

Nick said...

Well u're not the only one hating bolton.. :)

Anyway i'm disappointed that we're hit by an injury to RvP and at the worst time. He was our in-form striker and then he goes to international matches and gets injured.

ArseNole said...

seems to happen every international break, one of our stars gets injured in some worthless game. I honestly couldn't give a shite about internationals at all and to lose one of our players because of it is horrible. even though fat sam is gone its great hating bolton because of their miserable football and their league position this year suits them. Hopefully Rosicky can stay fit now, we need all the healthy players we can get