Friday, October 5, 2007

Injury Setback for El Capitano Gallas

Hey everyone it's another day and another injury for William Gallas. He has to be the most injuredest player the ever exist. That's right, I said injuredist. Arsene Wenger said that Gallas had fully recovered and although would not be selected for the Sunderland match, he would be resuming full training along with Lehmann, Song, and Rosicky. Now Gallas has suffered another injury setback and re-injured his groin. Wenger says he probably won't be back until the end of this month.

So it's another injury for our captain and Gallas seems to be a player that if he hurts his pinky finger he's out for about 3 months. Maybe this isn't a horrible thing for us though. We have not conceded a goal while Senderos has partnered Kolo at the back. Not a single one. Gallas has shown over and over that not only does he not partner Kolo well, but he is not reliable to stay in the side as he is so injury prone. I'll probably get a lot of stick for this but maybe we should get rid of Gallas? He hasn't really contributed to the side since he has been here and we do have Djourou on loan and Gilberto and Song that can play at center back. Wenger won't sell him though, but these injuries are really becoming a problem.

Meanwhile, a story about a player who won't be leaving anytime soon. Alex Hleb says he wants to finish his career at Arsenal. I don't know about you but it always makes me like a player more when he says things like this. It shows commitment and that he really loves his team. Alex has been much improved this season, able to score goals and make passes. He's always been able to dribble well he just needed to improve other areas of his game and it looks like he has done that now.

Craig Gordon, Sunderland keeper, says it would be really nice to beat Arsenal. Unfortunately for him it won't happen. Wishful thinking though Craig.

I know it's been a short one today but there isn't much news. Good day all.

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Patrick said...

No way that Gallas is the most injuredist player. What about Ljunberg. For a while I didn't even know if he played for the team anymore.