Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Battle of the Enchanted Forest

So there was this one time like, I'd say maybe 3 years ago, me and two of my best mates Kevin and Patrick were riding our Magical Unicorns through the Emerald Enchanted Forest. So we're just trotting along, laughing a frolicking in this meadow, when we go around this corner, around this grove of trees, and there is this huge Kreyt Dragon there, spitting fire. Not only that, but he had lasers that could shoot out of his eyes. Of course we're all terrified. So Patrick is like, "Oh god, Im gonna burn this mother down!" And Kevin said "You better not, You better not!" And we're all thinkin, will some white knight please come and save us!? But there was no white knight to be found, because it's an enchanted forest, and the disfigured trolls patrol the borders, and the white knights arent allowed in, of course. It's mostly for your sprites, your faeries... creatures of the night, if you will, so of course the knights arent allowed in.

So we are really scared for our lives of course at this point because the dragon had just lit a tree on fire next to us with his fiery breath. Patrick and Kevin didn't know what to do, so I had to come up with a plan fast. So I say, "Dont worry, i'll save us." So I charge up on my unicorn, because I knew the dragon's weak spot, it was his heart, because he doesn't have a heart. I saw a hollow a few meters away and snatched a branch off of the tree and sharpened it with my teeth real fast, and I galloped up and I said, "A foul upon thee dragon!!", and I thrust the branch into his heart, and I actually, slayed the dragon. And to this day, if you ask Kevin or Patrick, they'll be like, "God man, he saved my life."

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