Monday, October 22, 2007

Arsene's B-Day, Toure Speaks, Diarra Complains

Well, Arsenal won this weekend. It hasn't stopped happening yet this year and I keep thinking it's going to be the game we slip up and every time we somehow find a way to get through it still keeping the streak alive. Now that might have jinxed us there so I knocked on wood just now and maybe you all should too just to be safe. But yeah, Arsenal beat Bolton 2-0 over the weekend which is always a tough one on the fixture list. They don't play football, they play a form of some sort of violent battle where they all line up and try to hack at as many players as they can. Yet even though we generally have a tough time, and in the first half we did, we still managed to pop in two goals to their none and I really don't think they had a shot on goal in the whole game. In fact if you look at the match stats, Almunia had zero saves. So a good win for us and we have a big week coming up. We play in the Champion's League mid-week and we go play the Scousers this weekend. Hopefully we can stay injury free.

Toure seems to be the fill in captain now that Gallas has been out, and even now when Gallas is back he is still acting the part. He is again saying that we need to avoid any complacency after this great start and that we have to keep our focus in every game.

"Last season was a really strange season because we did really well against the big teams but we slipped up against the teams that people expect us to beat," Toure told the club's official website.

"That is why this season we have to concentrate on the games in front of us - never mind if it's Liverpool or Manchester United.

"We have to keep the same focus for each game and also hope that we get a bit lucky in games and keep winning.'

Toure has been quite the leader this year and I like it because he really is the rock of our team. He's always in the lineup and always organizing the team and playing well. I'd love him to get the armband someday but we'll just have to see how it goes. Right now though, he's right, we do need to keep our focus for every game and stay on track because as we have seen in recent seasons, the teams that get off to a fast start in the league are the ones that you have to watch for in the end.

Lasagna Diarra is pissed off a lil bit, because he isn't getting to play as much as he thought he would. Did anyone really think he would get to play a lot in our midfield? He has Gilberto, Flamini, Denilson, and Diaby ahead of him as well as the irreplaceable Cesc, so he should have known that opportunities would be limited, but apparently he's had enough already. He says if he doesn't get to play more, he will look for a new club in December. Honestly i can't say that I care. He barely plays now so how could we possibly miss him? Yes I do wish some of our younger players got into the squad sometimes but we want to keep winning and right now what we are doing is working. Diarra is frustrated because he sat the bench at Chelsea and now is sitting the bench here. Well there has to be a reason for that. Maybe he should look at moving to a little bit smaller club where he can start every game. He's only 22 and could still move to a big club again but it's annoying to have him been complaining at Chelsea and now to start the same thing at Arsenal. Work hard in training and try to get a place or just move somewhere else but quit telling the press about it.

Couple more things, Denilson signed a new contract which is good news. I like him and hope to see him play more soon. And the last bit, today is Arsene Wenger's 58th birthday, so everyone wish him a happy birthday and have a pint for the greatest manager in Arsenal history. Cheers!

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