Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Arsenal 7-0 Slavia Prague

Well bloody hell. What an amazing performance we had last night. I was entirely expecting us to win the match but never in my wildest dreams did I foresee it being a scoreline like this one. You can watch all seven goals here. We really played football like you don't see anywhere else. Our one-touch passing was remarkable, under control and fluid, with pace and accuracy. If we played like this every match no team in the world could beat us. Now I know Slavia Prague aren't exactly Barcelona (who drew with Rangers yesterday so they really aren't looking good at the moment), but the performance was still so good that it really would have topped any other team in the world.

The scoring started off right away, just as I turned on the match as a matter of fact. Hleb was playing on the left and had two defenders come over to meet him. He used a bit of trickery then sent the ball back to the edge of the box for Cesc Fabregas who took a touch and then sent a curling effort right into the far corner. Really an unstoppable shot and we were off to a wonderful start.

The next goal came off of a corner kick. Cesc sent in the kick and it took a bounce or two and then was partially cleared. Hleb came and met it with power and it deflected off of a defender and into the net. I thought it should have counted for Hleb but they scored it as an own goal.

The last goal of the half looked like Slavia had Mad Jens of this year in goal. A long back pass to him was mis kicked and fell right to the feet of Lord Theo. The keeper charged at him of course and Theo did well to side step him and fire in between two defenders and into the back of the net. This was his first Champion's League goal and only his second Arsenal goal so it was good to see him get on the score sheet, especially as this was his first game really at striker.

So at halftime the score was 3-0 to the Arsenal and we really were on cruise control.

But it wouldn't stop there.

Not twenty more minutes into the second half and we were up 6-0.

The next one came courtesy of Hleb who actually got his name on the score sheet this time after not getting the credit on his first. Cesc made the assist getting it out to him charging the box from the left. He beat the defender and looked like he was shooting far post to feint the keeper but he went near post with no trouble and it was 4-0.

Goal number five was Theo's second of the day and it was right after the fourth. Hleb played him in down the left channel and Walcott produced the most Thierry Henry-like finish we've seen this season. He just tapped it with the outside of his right foot to the far post and it went off the post and in. Great finish and really a great touch by Theo.

Number six was just after that and it was also a beauty. Prague had a corner kick which we cleared and Hleb took the ball and dribbled for about half a mile before centering for Adebayor, who turned and fed Theo who sent Cesc into the box through the defense and he finished it perfectly. It was a marvelous goal and one you can watch over and over again. It was pure Arsenal and I couldn't help but cheer.

Soon after that up 6-0 Gilberto, Rosicky, and Bendtner came into the match and it kind of slowed us up for a bit. We seemed to lose that flow that we had had but it didn't matter much at this point. We still managed to get another goal though. Bendtner played a one-two with Eboue who back-heeled it back to the charging Bendtner who forced it across the line. It's good to see him get a goal and hopefully he'll be happy he got to play for a bit because I can't see him playing against Man U or Liverpool over the next week.

So the final was 7-0 to the Arsenal which tied a Champion's League record set by match fixing Juventus so it was very impressive. An all around great performance and one I will be watching again today. Fantastic.

Man of the Match: Alexander Hleb. He was just fantastic all around. He got into space, made all the passes and got on the score sheet. He should have had two and if we can get more performances from him like this one he'll be one of the players of the year.

Needs Work: What can you really say needs work after a performance like this?

If you missed this match, find it and watch it. You can see all the goals at the link at the top of the page.

Up the Gunners.

Scousers preview to come.

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