Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beckenbauer Tells Jens To Shut Up, Season Highlights

Hello everyone, not too much going on today but we'll cover it nonetheless. I've been informed that I should add more pictures so I'll try to start doing that when I have time to. Also, another thing, I'm taking donations to get a subscription to Arsenal TV Online so I can post the videos. If you think it's a worthwhile venture consider donating a dollar or two. Link is in the top right corner.

So on to the news, first off is Franz Beckenbauer, who is hoping Jens Lehmann shuts his fat yap because he won't win a war of words with Arsene Wenger.

"Lehmann must not make the mistake and start a confrontation with Wenger because he will not win it," Beckenbauer told Premiere TV.

"Wenger is a fair coach who does not immediately take out a player when he has a bad day. Jens Lehmann needs to be patient until he gets his chance, but he will get it.

"Lehmann will be playing for a different club by winter because Wenger will not accept that [a confrontation]."

And he is of course right. I don't know that Lehmann will ever play for Arsenal again, barring an injury to Almunia.

Manuel Almunia says in response that he has been unaffected by Jens' cuntiness. He said that he has waited three years for this chance to play in the league and now he's getting his chance and is playing well, so nothing is going to affect him. I think he's been great this year and made every save that you'd expect from him. Cmon Manuel don't listen to Jens just keep up the good saves!

Robin van Persie again spoke to the press about how wonderful the current team is playing, calling them "The best he has ever played with." Let's hope his injury heals up properly so we can get him back soon.

Theo Walcott says his patience has payed off and that his two goals against Slavia Prague "lifted a weight off of his shoulders." He had one hell of a game against Prague and I would like to see him start against Liverpool. He's had more experience in the Arsenal team than Eduardo has and I just feel like his pace would cause the slow hubcap thieves some problems.

Cheers everyone. As promised, here's a video I saw that has all the highlights for the season so far.

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ArseNole said...

The Sun is reporting that Martin Jol got sacked today. I'm havin a laugh