Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working With What We Have

First things first my fellow gunners, Don’t Panic. There is no need for some of this in-fighting that I have witnessed on different blogs and message boards between those of us who truly love the sport and are passionate about the Arsenal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless or not if it questions the wisdom of our fearless leader Mr. Wenger. He has been doing this a long time and our season is just getting started. Remember if you will last season, Chelski and ManUre both got off to rocky starts and finished above us in the table whereas we shot out from the gates untouched and did not falter until the second half of the season. Perhaps we need some perspective on the fact that this is a really long season with plenty of opportunity to right the ship.

That being said, I do not think that I have EVER seen the Gunners play so poorly in my life as they did against Fulham. We should give credit to Hodgeson and his squad, they came out and put pressure on our inexperienced midfield, causing havoc on any and all attempts to play out of the back, and forcing our boys to play the same kind of calamity football that we make other teams play.

The most disturbing thing about Saturday was the passing completion rate, only Nasri’s 81% (53 passes) was of the level that we were used to seeing last year whereas Walcott’s 81% (16 passes) was basically a waste of space on the field. He is still not in form yet this season and I am not sure when and if he is going to be able to cut it at this level day in and day out. I think he adds a great spark off the bench but as a starter he just does not have the muscle.

I must agree with Arsenole about one of his latest posts, Gallas is shit. Why he has the armband I will never know. I wonder what it must be like on the practice pitch everyday. From all of my days of playing football, the captain must be the engine on the team, the one least likely to make mistakes, and the one who inspires greatness. Gallas is none of those things. Toure should have the band but I also feel that Cesc could also carry that weight especially since in his absence the wheels have come off the bus. He should be back soon so… DEEP THOUGHT #1- Cesc is coming back! I know that we should not be so dependent on one player but shit ya’ll, he is Cesc-fucking-Fabregas! This is a player who can change games and get everyone on the pitch involved in a positive way.

Keeping up with the positives, Adebayor can still play and he will get goals when he gets the service. We all know how good he is, we all know how fast he can change a game. So here it comes…DEEP THOUGHT #2- Our target man up front is still of the highest quality! Let Cesc give him a few well placed balls and watch him blow up the back of the net. We can put the off season drama behind us and get behind him despite his greed. Not all of our players can be like Cesc and we must accept that.

Of all of the points I could make to lift the spirits of those who still get goosebumps when Arsenal take the field, this is my favorite… DEEP THOUGHT #3- We got NASRI!

This kid is good. He has almost made me forget about Hleb leaving us (although I almost cried when I heard he was leaving, he is a remarkable player). The way that Nasri cuts and attacks will be such an asset once we get our midfield sorted and I have a really good feeling about the partnership between him and Clichy. One would be hard pressed to find a better left side of the pitch than when those two are firing on all cylinders.

For my final ray of sunshine, DEEP THOUGHT #4- We have two of the best outside defenders in the world. Sagna and Clichy are still stunning players. Their ability to defend, their speed, and their attacking skills are second to none. Again, once the center of the field is fixed we can go back to dominating our opponents.

So the question is what do we do in the meantime?

The problem is our soft gooey center. Denilson is not ready but he did show signs of quality against Twente in the Champions League. Putting Eboue in the center was Arsene’s biggest mistake. With Cesc back on Wednesday, Denilson will do behind him supporting the attacks. Eboue can sit out wide with Nasri on the other side and Walcott can come on in the 70th min. I would like to see Adebayor up front with Carlos Vela. Let’s see what this kid has got. Van Persie looks terrible and if he gets one more chance for a free kick and blows it, he must turn in his boots and sit the fuck down. In the center of defense, Toure and Silvestre could be good together, so let’s get a good look during Champions League play when we are up on aggregate and playing at home.

-Contributed by fellow Gooner Paul


Mike said...

I'm also going to feel a lot better once we see #4 in the middle of the park again.

He really is the key to everything, allowing Denilson to assume a more limited role and Eboue to retreat to the wings where at the least he can't do as much damage.

You make a good point about Chelsea/United's slow starts last season. Hopefully the squad can avoid the infighting we've seen among the supporters, put their heads down, and pick up a few wins to get this taste out of our mouths. I think we have Newcastle in the league next? They have looked solid this season so 3 points against them would be a boost.

Anonymous said...

the problem with that is we cant jus rely on cesc and yes manc and chavski had bad starts and finished above us thats bcoz they both have squads that can handle a long season we dont i hate to be so negative but we are gona be lucky to get 3rd

Anonymous said...

arsenal were awful but i think people have short memories. we've played this badly and worse not that long ago.

the worst performance i've ever seen was vs blackburn in the fa cup 2 years ago. that performance made the fulham performance seem halfway decent- and with that game tied it had a return leg which was lost in the end/ both arsenal and blackburn were so shocking it was like both wanted to lose as much as possible- arsenal just wanted to lose a little bit more on the day.

like i said we were really poor vs fulham but come on, really. we created a few chances, had some possession in the second half and went a total of about 20 minutes looking like we might score with some urgency. we've without doubt played notably worse. i think the frustration at the situation with signings and us throing away the points so early in the season has led people to think it was a bit worse than it actually was. people were already on edge before the game and a very poor performance has just tipped them into a state where it all seems desperately poor- and we are taking it a bit far with some exhaggerating.

Anonymous said...

maybe bischoff can save our asses?

Anonymous said...

Dream Team for Tonight

Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy(c)
Wilshere Ramsey Cesc Vela
Nasri Adebayor


Note that Nasri playing the whole behind front man, and Vela doing his left wing dammage


Anonymous said...

Who's panicking, we straight up suck bro. I feel sorry for Wenger, once he got his head into a bigger stadium it grew into an over-sized abomination. Le Prof is becoming Le Dunce and the board's asleep at the wheel.

Guyer said...

aye mate, this is no panic. this is a cold hearted assessment. we have a team built of crocked players and children. going head to head agianst the worlds best, and most experienced, and the season started two weeks ago for f-sake. I can deal with a loss, those come and Fulham deserves credit for what they did, but Arsenal didnt even make it hard for them. Pitiful.