Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cesc Makes Me Forget About Fulham...Well, Almost

Morning all, or afternoon or whatever it is where you are. Yesterday was a miserable day for us. I'm sure you read my rant about Captain Gallas, and that about summed up my feelings for the day. Gallas shouldn't be playing at all and Eboue shouldn't have to play central midfield. Robin van Persie seems to have forgotten how to score and overall the whole thing was bloody awful. But today something made me smile, and who else could it be but Cesc Fabregas.

Cesc gave an interview to The Guardian's Amy Lawrence and it really was wonderful to read. Regarding the current state of the squad, he said:

“We have to accept we have lost some big players who are difficult to replace but the boss knows what he’s doing. For me, Arsenal is Arsenal and this club has something special that no others have. We have to take care of it, that’s why you have to be intelligent in your decisions.”

But the best part was when he spoke about himself and his love for Arsenal Football Club:

“I have friends in Spain, in Italy — and they speak to me about other clubs and I know that I’m privileged to be where I am and I don’t want to lose it. I’m still young, I want to win things for the club, I want to get experience and I want to compete. Because when you see football around the world you see very few teams that play the way that we play. And I just enjoy the way we play."

“I came here when I was 16 and I feel it’s my home now. I think I will be lucky to be here as long as I can, to play for Arsenal. I don’t even want to think about whether I would find a similar environment elsewhere because I’m happy where I am. Whenever people say another team is the best in the world, I know where I am and how I feel here — which is the most important thing.”

Is there anything you could hear that sounds sweeter to your ears? You want club loyalty, well there it is. He knows his place, he loves the club, and he wants to do the best he can to bring trophies home to OUR club, not to whichever club will pay him the most. A lot of other players would do well to learn a lesson from our young prodigy. Gallas could learn from his dedication to work hard for the club, and Adebayor, Hleb, and Flamini could do with a lesson on not always just going for the most money.

He also spoke about the possibility of Arsenal signing Xabi Alonso:

'I'd love it!. What can I say. He is my friend and apart from that he is a great professional, a great passer of the ball, he works hard defensively, he's scoring goals now, he's experienced and he's only 26. For me he would be perfect.'
If Cesc wants him, everyone should want him. Let's get him in here. Obviously I wanted Alonso even before Cesc mentioned him but let's think about it, who would possibly be better for us? They play together in the same national team, they are friends, he has Premiership experience at a top club, and he can play the Arsenal way. Sounds like the perfect signing doesn't it? Let's make it happen. You know Marseille fans tried to raise money for the club to buy Didier Drogba from Chelsea...maybe we could put together something similar for Xabi Alonso! Seriously imagine all the Arsenal fans that could pitch in and then we could just give Liverpool a check courtesy of Arsenal since Arsene Wenger doesn't seem to want to do it. Just an idea.

Lastly he spoke about the possibility of becoming Arsenal captain:

'I would love it. I respect all decisions. I am a player that accepts nearly everything. I am happy with everything, my No 4, playing for Arsenal in centre midfield and giving 100 per cent every, every game. But if the boss thinks in one or two years I am ready to be captain, I will take the armband.'

I wanted Kolo to be captain this season, but I have to say at this point I'm convinced that it has to be Cesc. While Kolo also loves the club and gives his all, I just think Cesc has the raging fire within him to lead the team with passion and fervor. How about we just sit Gallas the rest of the season and give Cesc the armband today? Sounds good to me.

In other news, Arsenal legend Tony Adams talked about how he would love to succeed Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Arsene quite possibly has lost his mind recently, and while Tony Adams hasn't been the most successful manager in the past, I think he has probably learned a lot from his time under Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth and maybe when Arsene does end up leaving he could be a possibility.

Alright that's a lot for one day, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Let me know what you think. Cheers!


Wokich said...

I like Tony, but NO! Good players do not necessarily make good managers. If it was any other Portsmouth backup would we even consider it? I don't think so.

ArseNole said...

Well he has to learn the trade, I mean he hasn't been out of his playing career that long. I think he's done a decent enough job at Portsmouth, and I think he could possibly succeed at a higher level

Anonymous said...

It's really nice to hear such things from Cesc. I do really hope we can get Alonso or Barry. The both of them do possess experience in the premier league.

Mike said...

That's why Cesc is my favorite player!

I've been on the Alonso bandwagon for awhile too, let's make it happen. Two European champions in central midfield sounds pretty good to me.

Anonymous said...

Wenger won't buy, so I guess it's bye bye for this season, again. Too many poodles in the squad for one signing to make much of a difference anyway. We can still win a lot of games, but that's as far as this team has demonstrated it can go. As Arsene isn't flexible change is unlikely without some kind of disruption.

Aamir said...

Personally I think Tony Adams has the ability to do the jo, he was a top quality defender himself, he knows the arsenal way through & through 7 now that he as the setup, the players, he can certainly go a long way. Apart from what wokich said that a good player won't make a good manager, well then how come a bad player made such a good manager (case in point arsene wenger) you'd never know till you try.
Anyhow, le boss has lost his mind a little bit, I have to agree with that.
As for Cesc, well the arseblogger has been raising this up all summer long & its smtg everyone would agree with qwholeheartedly, sadly though, with a player as ambititious as cesc, another season trophyless with frustrating players around him might see him leave. I would not blame him for that, le boss (to some extent) & the board (which is shite) is to be blamed for it.

Anonymous said...

hey arsenole,

I'm working on getting my own blog up as well, could you please tell me how to get it linked with goonernews?

ArseNole said...

anon I just emailed them after I had been doing it for a couple months and then added it on there. Good luck

1979gooner said...

Cesc would be a great pick for club captain.

Gallas is arguably not even worth his place in the team.

I am amazed that we are letting big Phil go while we keep Gallas in the side, and then rely on a crocked over the hill Silvestre.

I am not hopeful.

Anonymous said...

good blog arsenole! i cudnt agree more with you. gallas was the wrong choice as captain! but i do think he is a gd player. fabs is ourbest player and really makes this team tick i think wenger needs to respect cescs talents that he helped to nurture and bring a hard working and solid holding midfield player. or maybe two holding players!! we did lose diarra, silva, and flamini! and have replaced them with 2 young guns and a injury prone player from germany. its not all doom and gloom but i think arsene need two signings to challenge seriously for honours. thanks