Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh How I Hate Tottenham....Plus Emirates Cup Stuff

Morning all. Yesterday we beat Real Madrid 1-0 through a beautiful penalty from Adebayor. I don't care how much you hate him, he makes our team better. If you boo him then go to hell. I don't boo Arsenal players, even Eboue, so piss off for booing our 30 goal scorer. He isn't perfect by any means but who is in today's footballing world? Point is he is our best striker for the time being and everyone should deal with it. As Arsene Wenger said, "A plane load of money wouldn't buy him right now."

RvP won us the penalty and went down like a rag doll. I thought he was going to be out for the rest of the season judging by the way he went down and stayed there. I've lost my confidence in his ability to stay fit. Luckily he's fine as far as I know. He's a great player, but for God's sake, play a whole season.

But the main point of this article, which I'm writing now because I can't sleep, is how much I hate Tottenham Hotspur.

1. I hate Sp*rs more than I hate Barack Obama...which is a ridiculous amount.

2. I hate Sp*rs more than I hate skanks that put up facebook pictures in bikinis. I hate that a lot.

3. I hate Sp*rs more than I hate the last two Eminem albums, and I really hate them.

4. I hate Sp*rs more than I hate Bolton, which is saying something.

5. I hate Sp*rs more than I hate that Thierry Henry left Arsenal, and I that just about killed me.

6. I hate Sp*rs so much that I wish their manager was Steve McClaren so they would lose every match.

7. I hate Sp*rs so much that I wish Juande Ramos would be hit by a bus, then run over with a lawnmower...that would hurt.

I could think of more reasons but that's enough for the night.

Jack Wilshere is going to be a legend. I love the kid. I don't think that Cesc even had the skills this kid has at that age. If he did, then it's comparable. I expect big things. I don't want the pressure heaped on him at this age but I know he will be incredible.

That's all I've got. Cheers.


Davo said...

LOL, I cringe everytime RvP gets hit and the challenge that gave the penalty was no exception. I just never expect him to get up! Agree with you with Wilshire, very impressive, happy he has made the first team now.

Amerigooner said...

I hate Obama too, I'm with you there. God help us if he gets elected (don't think he will). But personally, I hate ManUre even more than I hate the Spuds. In fact I also hate CSKA Chelski more. I find it hard to truly HATE a team that is so noncompetitive and irrelevant to us. Dislike, sure. But hate takes real passion. Maybe if I had to deal with Spuds at work every day, but since I don't, I don't.

Mike said...

I loved the list, but I also hate Chelsea more than Spurs. Last year's Carling Cup 2nd leg was the first time we have lost to Spurs in my time as an Arsenal fan, and I have never actually met a Spurs fan so it's hard to hate them as much as Chelsea.