Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arsenal-FC Twente Preview

Doomsday has arrived. At least that's what a lot of you seem to think, that the start of the season is a horrible time because Arsenal haven't strengthened enough and we'll never win another trophy. Personally though I'm really happy the real matches start tomorrow evening. We've got the 3rd round Champions League match versus FC Twente of the Dutch league, who are managed by Steve Mcclaren. And you know what? We'll probably win. Even if we don't, it isn't the end of the world. A draw on the road in your first match of the season wouldn't be a bad result at all. I have a feeling if that does happen though that everyone will come out and act like it's the worst result in the history of Arsenal Football Club.

A quick look at the injury situation and we've got Kolo Toure, Phillippe Senderos, Samir Nasri, Abou Diaby, Cesc Fabregas, and of course Rosicky and Eduardo all out of this match. It does leave us a bit short-handed for this match, but we'll make do.

Let's look at the probable lineup for Arsenal:


It's a very young midfield to be sure but Ramsey and Denilson have looked a decent pairing so far and I think Vela and Walcott will do a good job on the wings. Of course our two strikers are world class so that will help out the youngsters in the midfield. Djourou has looked decent in preseason, but not great. We'll get to see what he's made of in this match, but it's always good when you have full backs like Clichy and Sagna helping you out. The main thing with Johann is going to be his communication with Bill Gallas. When they played together in preseason the communication wasn't there and they didn't work well together. They need to talk and be on the same page and they are both capable of doing well.

I think Denilson will prove his doubters wrong tomorrow. A couple days ago I said he should be the one starting next to Cesc and got blasted for it of course because "he's not strong in the tackle." He'll show that he can tackle I think, and not only that but I wouldn't be surprised to see him lay on an assist as well. We bought Aaron Ramsey because Arsene intended to play him, and now he's getting his chance. You don't spend 5 million pounds on someone you don't think can play, so if Arsene thinks he can play then who are we to say he isn't ready to start?

Robin van Persie talks about how important this match is and how we must get into the Champions League. He's absolutely right, but it doesn't all have to be done this match. There are two legs to this fixture.

I think the final score will be 2-1 to Arsenal, and I think Adebayor and van Persie will both get one. We'll probably go down a goal but we'll fight back. I'm sure you will all be sure to tell me how wrong I am though if that isn't correct. You love doing that so much.

So that's about it. I'm really looking forward to the match and like I said, if we don't have a blinding performance, please remember it's on the road in the first match of the season against a team we hardly ever face. It's going to be fairly difficult. Keep the faith fans.

Oh to be a Gooner!

Arsenal.com got a makeover, it looks nice I have to say.


Mike said...

I think your prediction that we go down a goal makes a lot of sense. We've been doing that all preseason against lesser teams.

ArseNole said...

Yeah I'm hoping I'm wrong but it definitely wouldn't surprise me

JH92 said...

lol nah he'll play eboue ahead of vela

Joaquin said...

yea he wil playe Eboue on the right with walcott on the left. Guaranteed.

Joaquin said...

Poor first half. Walcott has been a non factor and Adebayor's contribution is 3 offsides calls. Hopefuly we will see an inspired 2nd half.

Gooner4life said...

yeah!!!! 2-0 to Arsenal!

Joaquin said...

well at least we can win ugly. If you get a chance look at Henry's goal today for Barca. Vintage Titi.

Joaquin said...

Also btw, we can forget about XAbi Alonso and Cana for they both played in the cl games today and are therefore cuptied. So did Yaya. So all those hoping for those signings can forget it. So maybe Inler or Veloso. Song has looked good from what I have seen in the middle of the park for Cameroon. Hopefully some good news tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

we looked weak as shyte. most epl teams now look at our midfield and think 'yummy'. we should buy inler and annan, put the kids back in the playpen where they belong. Denilson and Ramsey against manu, chels, pool, fack, who are we kidding?

Mike said...

Well presumably it will be Cesc and Denilson or eventually Cesc and Diaby in midfield against the big clubs.

Of course an injury could land us in the situation you're describing, so I do share your fear to some extent. But it seems like that is just Arsenal for now.

Connolly's agent said...

Scary stuff. We might have to start playing Djourou in midfield if we don't get the promised experienced signing. He always wanted a midfield spot, right?

We need an ugly player in the middle. Now that Flamini's gone, we don't have anyone hideous enough to put the opposition off their game. Maybe we should encourage Cesc to get a mohawk....

By the way, Arsenole, thanks changing my blog name on your roll, but could you also change my blog address to http://antipodean-gooner.blogspot.com? It's depressing having no readers at my blog.