Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Usmanov Ups Stake, Traore Arrested

So there actually is a bit of news before the Sevilla match tomorrow so I'll give the quick run down.

First off we have Armand Traore's arrest last Saturday. Apparently Armand went to White Hart Lane to watch the match with a mate of his and was caught with a set of knuckle dusters going through the turnstile. They were both arrested but then shortly released after only receiving a warning. Apparently he told the police that he was from France and that of course everyone carries them around in France. He was probably just going to use them if Robbie Keane got on the pitch. He would dash out in the pitch, slide tackle Keane and punch his legs until they were a bleeding pulp that fell off so he could never do a cunty cartwheel again.

In other news, Alisher Usmanov has upped his stake in Arsenal to 21%. If he buys Kroenke's that would put him over the limit to at least make a takeover bid. I'm sure it would be rejected but it would be quite scary to see him have upwards of 35% of the club. I think Kroenke has lost interest frankly and would be willing to sell if he will make a profit, so we'll see where this goes. Usmanov has not said he is looking to takeover Arsenal, but he's obviously a lying twat. Just look at the picture of him. Quite scary if we had that man running our beloved club.

Fredi Kanoute today pointed out the obvious. He says Sevilla must stop Cesc if they are going to have a chance to beat Arsenal. The former Sp*rs twat really had to work hard to think of that. He says that winning back to back UEFA cups has given them the experience needed to win against us but I think a draw is more likely. Probably put up a match report tomorrow.

Arsene Wenger has said he is unconcerned by the takeover possibility, and is pretty much saying the same things he always does.

"I am responsible for the results at the club and not for the rest," said the Arsenal boss.

"People will buy and sell shares or not want to sell shares only if a club is doing well. My job is to make sure the club does well.

"I am not concerned about a Russian takeover. I am concerned about tomorrow's game. It will not disrupt anything."

Wenger really is all business and I think our club could be going through a war and Wenger could still have the team fired up and ready to play. He's a real legend.

That's really about all for the day. Match report to come tomorrow if I have time off from everything. Update on my Under 12 boys team that I coach is we are top of the table with three wins, no losses, and no draws.

Later Sp*rs Haters

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