Friday, September 28, 2007

Fat Russian Strikes Again

Once again Alisher Usmanov has bought more of Arsenal Football Club, when everyone clearly despises the man. He's now up to 23% ownership of the club and the magic number is 30% when you are forced under league rules to launch a takeover bid. He just isn't giving up on taking over the club and even though his takeover bid would undoubtedly fail, I hate to see him as even a part owner of the club I support. If he gains two more percent of the shares he will become the largest shareholder over Danny Fiszman who has 24%. Apparently there is now a petition to the league to better enforce the "fit and proper" clause for club owners started by some Arsenal fans. I suggest everyone read and sign it here. It's an official government petition so if you really want this fat twat out of your club sign up.

In response to all this rubbish, Arsene Wenger, the legend of a man, has promised that whoever the owners of the club are he'll keep them happy. He said whatever happens on club level will not affect him or his squad. He's pretty much always had this stance, through Kroenke and now Usmanov, that it didn't really concern him. I kind of wish however that he would be more vocal against a hostile takeover because look what happened at Chelsea...that certainly affected the manager and the squad. I couldn't think of anything worse than that happening at my beloved Arsenal.

Wenger also said that he never considered leaving Arsenal for another club when he was debating about signing his new contract.

About the match tomorrow, we'll still have Almunia in goal. Song, Gallas, Lehmann, and Rosicky are for sure out and Hleb is doubtful. More to come tomorrow with all of that.

That's about all I have today, really not that much news. Have a good weekend.

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