Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arsenal 5-0 Derby

Well I was expecting a win but this was so much more than that. 5-0 and we were clicking all over the pitch. I'm not going to do a full match report because there's lots to get to but I will talk about the goals really quickly.

1-0 - Diaby - Diaby hasn't always looked amazing on the left wing, to say the least, but this was a real stunner. Dribbled up to just outside the box, skipped around one defender but ran right into another. He got around him and let fly from a couple yards outside of the box and it was a real rocket into the top right corner. Good to see him get off the mark for the year.

2-0 - Adebayor - The first of Adebayor's greatest performance yet for the Gunners. He played the offside trap perfectly and timed his run to get on the end of a ball over the top, circled the keeper and it was basically a tap-in into an empty net. Great control and finishing.

3-0 - Adebayor - This one was scored from the penalty spot. Eduardo got "pulled down," although if i was a Derby fan I'd probably be upset about the call. But Adebayor stepped up to take it and you could see the confidence as he sent it low into the right corner. The keeper dove the right way but it was just too powerful for him to handle.

4-0 - Fabregas - Does he ever stop scoring? Let's hope not. He's on a six match scoring streak now and this one was brilliant too. A long range effort from the right channel that went straight for the top left corner. It was tipped but it still flew into the net. Great goal.

5-0 - Adebayor - Another great goal to complete his hat trick. The ball came to him high, he chested it down and immediately beat the defender off the dribble and fired a shot to the bottom right corner. Again the keeper got a hand to it but it was always going in. Brilliant day by Ade.

Man of the Match - Emmanuel Adebayor was amazing in this match. His first hat trick for the club and he of course gets the MOTM.

Needs Work - Although Diaby scored a goal from there today, he's really not a bloody winger Wenger. I hope he gets more time in the center.

So now on to some other news.

For those he didn't get to see it, The ArseNole made the news in London for all the Usmanov fallout that I wrote about the other day. Pretty impressive for a small site in Florida to make the news in London. I was only trying to point out the allegations against the man trying to buy our beloved club and next thing you know the site is on the news. I haven't however received any threats of legal action yet, but I'll keep you all updated.

Denilson is about to get a new deal from the club. He's going to be brilliant in the future I think and I hope he doesn't get tired of waiting to break into the first team. It's a crowded place in the center of midfield right now but he is young and will get his chance if he just waits a little bit. Looking forward to hopefully seeing him in the Carling Cup against Newcastle this week.

Arsene Wenger has talked about our newfound ruthlessness in front of goal this year.

"You can see that there is something more in there that is called ruthless and belief. I believe in the team."

As a group the whole team seems to be making much better use of chances this year than we did last. Remember losing to Sheffield United and West Ham twice? Well those are the games we are winning this year, the ones we are expected to win. We have West Ham again next Saturday, so hopefully we can keep the streak going.

In news not related to our club, Chelsea lost 2-0 to United today to begin their hopeful run of shite performances without Mourinho.

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