Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mark Noble Should Burn

Yep, I said it. Mark Noble's tackle on Alex Hleb was simply shocking and really could have broken his leg. I thought his knee was blown out for sure when I saw it and he should have been sent off. So yet another reason to hate West Ham.

Anyways, we won the match 1-0 from a RvP header from a Hleb cross and took our winning streak to eight games. We're still unbeaten on the season in all competitions and it's wonderful to get a win against West Ham who we lost to twice last year. Even better that it was on the road because I have been worried that our form was exaggerated by the fact that most of our games had been at home.

Sorry for missing the match report yesterday but I was with Lady ArseNole and didn't really have a chance to write anything.

So anyways now it's on to today's news.

The Carling Cup draw took place yesterday and we have been drawn away to Sheffield United. They were in the Premiership last year and were awful but they did beat us somehow so it may be a tough game. It's away from home but we did well away from home in the Carling Cup last year and I'd expect a win from the young guns.

Theo Walcott spoke to the press about how he's really fired up this season and about his lofty goals for himself. He says he's set a goal of 25 starts and 10 goals. I don't really think he's going to be able to get to either of them, but the 25 starts is more likely than the 10 goals. He just seems to look lost whenever he gets down by the opponents' net and when he shoots it is usually not a very good attempt. I'm hoping Walcott progresses but I did think we would have seen more from him by now. He's still young though so I'll be withholding judgment at least until next season.

Arsene Wenger spoke about Mark Noble's cuntiness and said that Hleb's leg looked like a disaster and was red and bruised all over. He did say that Hleb will be out Tuesday but he'll take it game by game after that.

Wenger also spoke about how the Premiership is more important than the Champion's League this season. This seems to be exactly the opposite of what Arsene has said the last few seasons, and it makes me wonder if he just decides what is important by how well we start in the league.

We play Bucharest on Tuesday and I'll get up a match preview in the next few days. Like I said before if you want to contribute to the Arsenole Podcast please email me. Click the link in the top right corner of the page.

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