Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arsenal-Sevilla Preview

So now it's the official start of Arsenal's Champion's League for the year and what a tie we have tonight. We have Sevilla at home, probably the best number 2 seed in any of the groups and really the one everyone wanted to avoid. They play a wide open game very much like Arsenal's but just more Spanish and more shite. They have some great players though and are not to be taken lightly even though it's at our ground. Daniel Alves is one of the best right backs in the world and was linked with Chelsea over the summer. He loves to get forward so we'll have to watch out for him. Fredi Kanoute went to Sevilla after spending time at our hated rivals The Shite Hart Cunts. He'll be playing like it's a north Nondon derby since he never beat Arsenal while he really was in North London.

Here's what I think our lineup will look like today:

Van Persie-Adebayor

Some may be thinking that Eduardo should get a game but I don't think you can take out Adebayor after his goals against Sp*rs so I think he stays in the lineup, but maybe Van Persie gets a rest, who knows. Our injury situation is the same as last week, we have Gallas, Lehmann, and Eboue out.

It seems like Gallas "might be fit" about two weeks ago and still isn't, and it's reminding me of last year when it always sounded like he'd be back soon and he would come back a month or two after. Let's hope it's not the case but ever since he came to Arsenal he has been injured a lot of the time and it really is worrying.

Like I said though, both teams play wide open football and it should be a great game to watch. I think our quality and experience in the Champion's League will pay off and we will get through tonight with three points. My final prediction: 3-2 to the Arsenal.

In other news, our former captain Thierry Henry says that Cesc is right, we play more as a team without him. I agree, it seems like when Henry was here we passed the ball to him on every offensive possession but now we have gotten better at involving everyone and it is paying off for us.

Peter Hill-Wood has said that Alisher Usmanov is a cunt and he'd much rather have a beer with Stan Kroenke. He also said that David Dein is destabilsing the club but he still has no intention to sell shares to Usmanov and Dein, but is prepared to talk with Kroenke. He had this to say:

"I would think Kroenke is probably a long-term investor and I would welcome him as a shareholder more than Usmanov - unquestionably,"

"He is involved in sport and understands it. As for Usmanov, I am not sure what he wants or why he wants to get involved.

"He is clearly a very determined fellow, but it won't get him anywhere. It doesn't change anything.

"The board is absolutely resolute and they have no intention of selling to Dein and Usmanov.

"This is all very disruptive and I can understand the fans being upset. The club has been stable for many years and this is destabilising it.

"I think David is very much the architect of that."

Kapow! Eat that one David Dein you little twat! It's absolutely wonderful that we have a board that recognizes that he is only trying to take over this club for his own gains and they aren't letting him have any part of it. Keep strong boys.

That's all I have for the day. Enjoy the match.


Phat said...

Bring on the big Russian bear I say! Peter Hill-Wood is the cunt of all cunts. I would love to be Kroenke and have that little bitch come groveling to me with his hand out after telling him to piss off. This current board ownership situation is only good for as long as Arsene is the manager finding diamonds in the rough. Sooner our later Arsenal is going to need money to compete with the big boys.

ArseNole said...

The problem is most of these foreign investors don't just have loads of money that they want to spend on new players. They are in it to make a profit. Abramovich is the exception because he wants to see the team perform. You don't always need the most money to perform. West Ham have money, Villa has money, and they're still worse than us. I think having Usmanov control the club would be the worst possible thing to happen to this club.