Friday, May 23, 2008

Nasri, Robinho, Meteor in Moscow

Good morning all. Incredibly, I am still sick, which makes it like five days straight now. I've also been working massive hours at the ACC baseball tournament so sorry for not posting the past two days. Today there isn't any massive news that I can find so I'm just going to go through even more transfer news/rumors/rubbish, etc.

We'll start off with a post from Online Gooner that caught my fancy. He talks about how nobody was calling for the signing of Samir Nasri before the transfer rumors started and now everyone is talking about him like he's the best thing since sliced bread. Nobody really knows what he will be able to do in the Premiership. He's only twenty, he plays in the French League and it's expected that he'll switch positions to winger once he gets to Arsenal. Does that sound like he'll make an immediate impact? He makes a valid point about the Bergkamp and Campbell signings too. They were big names when we signed them and we knew they could come in right away and play and look how they turned out. Wonderfully, if you didn't actually know how they turned out. If Nasri is the "established player" that Wenger said he was going to bring in, then maybe he really is losing it. We've signed big players under Wenger before, and we need to hope we do again. (PS: I'm not asking for Villa, Robinho, and Kaka, just a player that we KNOW can play at this level already.)

Robinho's agent was in London this week, which of course led to rumors of him heading to Arsenal, Chelsea, or Sp*rs. Not sure what to think of this one. I like Robinho as a player, I really do. I'm just not sure if he'd be the right fit for what we're doing at Arsenal. If somebody who watches the Spanish league could give some insight on what they think in the comments or something that would be great.

Several sources have reported that Arsenal have signed 17 year old Francis Coquelin. He is from Laval, a small Ligue 2 French club. He spent 7 days on trial with the club last month but it was cut short due to injury. He is a defensive midfielder and is definitely one to watch for the future. Young Guns wrote a good article on his reasons for signing with Arsenal over competition from Lyon and Nantes.

Arsene Wenger spoke about Lasagna Diarra, saying that he panicked and couldn't handle not being first choice in midfield. It's pretty funny reading, as apparently Diarra refused all loan moves and said he could handle not being first choice before complaining about exactly that for half of a season before pissing off to Pompey. Whiny little cunt.

Thierry Henry says he may quit International Football after the Euro's, which would be a shame because I love watching him in the French team. He'll be 31 in August so 2010 would be a long way away so he said he'll wait and see after the coming tournament what he wants to do. He also used his old fashioned line he used at Arsenal for all that time, "I have a contract at Barcelona, therefore I am a Barcelona player for now." At least he didn't only do that at Arsenal.

And last but not least I suppose I should comment on that cuntfest Wednesday night in Moscow. I'll admit I was working for the most part of it, and I only got to see extra time and the shootout. I hear it was a pretty good match, but I can't agree. Anytime you have that many people who's heads you want to bash in on one pitch it can't be that good of a match. I, like many, was hoping for a meteor or tornado or something to hit the stadium but it just didn't happen, which was highly disappointing. The shootout made me laugh though, as Ronaldo missed his penalty and Terry missed his penalty. That was the best part for me. I didn't watch the celebrations, I couldn't. On the bright side, Chelsea losing means we can still be the first London team to win the Champion's League. On the downside, ManUre won the double. I hope they all are hit by buses.

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Oh and try out this Brazilian nickname converter I just discovered. My name translated to "Sayreca Pau." Interesting...


phatbastard Laurildo said...

Um...just when I thought I couldn't feel any worse about myself...I find out my Brazilian name is "Laurildo"...which sounds suspiciously close to "La Dildo". Thanks Arsenole!

This Nasri stuff has moved into the dumb category to me. It's to the point where I really don't care if we sign him or not...great if we do...but if not on to the next guy. I'd imagine his cuntly agent is trying to break our wage structure or something.

You know the more I think about it...the more I'd like to see Arsenal buy someone like Gareth Barry. He's an experienced quality player...and I think he's deserves a chance to show what he can do at a big club. I'm not sure if he fits what Arsene is looking for....but I'd take him. But I don't see that happening.

Enjoy the tournament.

ArseNole said...

lol thats a great Brazilian name. My girlfriend's was Impson so that was pretty bad as well, then she shortened her name to just Rach instead of Rachel and it came out Rildo, which is even closer to dildo.

Nasri I agree, it either needs to get done soon or just forget about it, I'm over the whole saga.

As for Barry, I think you've been reading Le-Grove too much, as they seem to worship him on there. He plays for Aston Villa, hardly the Arsenal style of play. And to add to that, he's English, which means his transfer fee would be enormous. I sincerely hope we don't try to sign Barry. Pleaseeee Arsene don't do it.

Mike said...

"Mikildo"...Sounds like the thing has dildos on the brain lol

Enjoy the ACC Tourney, so far so good for FSU.

phatbastardildo said...

I agree with you about the cost of Gareth's going to be prohibitive...but I do think he's a good player...well...a good english player. One thing I would like to see Arsenal add is a more dangerous free kick and corner taker...I think when on form Van Persie is good at free kicks...but I would like someone who could make the kind of shot Hargreaves beat us on. And I don't think we have that player currently. Thoughts? Sometimes I read my posts after and think my name rhyming with dildo is just about right!

ArseNole said...

Agree that RvP can make em with the best of em. Just look at the one against Sunderland. That was incredible. Cesc seems to take a lot of them and while we know he can pass I don't know that he's the best to take the shooting ones. Toure can do some but he's not great at it. But yeah I agree it'd be nice to see someone come in that could do great free kicks

PhatBastard said...

I agree about's just the health. Not a fan of Cesc's free kicks...he's not terrible...just not quite as skilled as what I think we need. As for corners...and I'm not trying to be hard on Cesc cause he and Henry are my 2 most favorite players in the world...but I think his corners aren't always the best...I think Rosicky and Eduardo were both better...and Denilson has some skill at it too.

I wish I could slip into a coma...wake up for a few days to watch the Euros then slip back in and not wake up till the Emirates Cup. Gonna be a long goonerless summer....

Mike said...

I'm with you on that phat. At least we get to watch USA/England next week.

Unknown said...

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