Friday, May 30, 2008

Adebayor Says We Don't Need Flamini

Helllllllooooooooooooooooo all you gooners. It's Friday, which is great news. So along the lines of great news, we have Emmanuel Adebayor, who loves bringing us, well, great news. He told The Sun that he has no plans of leaving and that he is here to win trophies.

"I’ve assured the gaffer Arsene Wenger I’ll stay because I believe in the team and I want to assure the fans my concentration is here.

“I have no reason to leave so I’ll stay to ensure that together we’ll win silverware.

“Mathieu’s a good player but his departure doesn’t mean Arsenal is about to collapse. Our team is a deep well of talent.

“I am confident we are capable of winning titles and we will return for next season hungrier to be successful.”

That's the attitude we always get from Ade and it's always great to here. Is there a happier man on the planet? I'm really not sure. This is all on the back of the reports that Barcelona will be willing to pay 23 million quid for Adebayor and that he's their number 1 target this summer. Anyways, hopefully his attitude can spread through the rest of the team and they'll all be ready to come out and win it next year.

Even Martin Jol thinks Sp*rs won't ever finish in the top four, which is absolutely correct.

There really isn't like any news at all. As I'm writing this I'm scouring the web for news at every possible location and it just isn't coming up. We may have to venture into aimless transfer speculation here in a moment. Bear with me.

Caught Offside has us linked with Blackburn's Roque Santa Cruz. He's a good player but it's not happening.

Here's a fake picture of Arsene Wenger with a stripper, which is supposedly an illustration of a real picture of Arsene Wenger with a stripper. You know the news is bad when I'm posting this nonsense.

Ok, I really can't find anything else so I'm just going to ramble on for a bit about random things that come to mind. If you watch basketball, the Celtics and the Pistons are in Game 6 of their series tonight, and the Celtics can advance to the NBA Finals with a win. Go C's.

I'm in the year 2022 on my Football Manger game, which is further than I have ever gotten before starting a new one. I'm still with Arsenal after all this time. The Emirates has 80,000 seats, our transfer budget is 394 million quid, and we've won the Champions League 6 times in a row. (In fact the only two teams that have won it since 2010 are us and Liverpool. Interesting...)

And last I suppose I'll leave you with one of my favorite YouTube videos.

So thats about it. Sorry it sucked today but there's not all that much to write about. Remember to enter the Euro 2008 contest and sign up for the forums. I'll get something better tomorrow. Cheers.

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devday said...

Dude, 2022, that's pretty amazing, I'm in year 2018 and desperately need the new game to come out...!