Monday, May 5, 2008

Flamini and Jens are Gone

And that's how it is in football. Players can depart at any moment, no matter how long they've been there. Flamini and Jens are two completely different stories at Arsenal.

Jens was the mad keeper who got us to the Champions League Final in 2006 with his penalty save against Villareal and kept us unbeaten through 49 straight games. While he got a little bit (quite a lot bit actually) angry this year when he was dropped from the first team, we cannot forget all the things he has accomplished while he was here. He was on the decline of his career and it has gotten to the point where he wasn't our best goalkeeper. I will miss Jens though and all he has done for Arsenal over his time here and I wish him all the best.

Flamini, on the other hand, didn't really accomplish anything of note at Arsenal. He was shite for three years, got to be a quality player in our system this year, and then pissed off to Milan for more money. His career at Arsenal was just starting to look up this year and he could have tied down a partnership with Cesc for years to come but greed overcame him and he decided he'd rather go to Milan. Now he has to be replaced, which probably won't be quite as difficult as people seem to think, and I'm not even going to wish him luck at Milan. Why would I? As I said he's done nothing of note here and then once we make him into the player that he is now he leaves. Plus I hate those Italian bastards.

I really don't have time to write much else today because I've got work in an hour. I'll get something up again tomorrow but for now let's just think about the good times with Jens and Flamini. Oh I remember that 90th minute penalty...Riquelme vs Lehmann...I was honestly worried about it even though I knew Jens could save some spot kicks. He saved it though, and then acted like it was no bid deal. Typical Jens, mental, but we love him. Have a good day all.


phatbastard said...

sorry i haven't commented lately, but my hand has been in a cast for the past week and typing is a b*tch...especially with how long winded I am.

Sad to see Flamini go, he was fun to watch and think he and Cesc would have been an amazing partnership for the next few years. But yeah he's not TH-14....he's replaceable...and we might not even have to look farther then #19 to find that replacement. I'll miss Jens too, he was a crazy sob...but he was our crazy sob. But his time is over here....good luck in the euros Jens.

I will say I wish Flamini had waited for the season to end to fly off to Milan. Anyway....cheers to all!

ArseNole said...

I was wondering where you had been, what happened to your hand? Back in like August I broke my knuckle and had to have a cast so I know how you feel.

I think it's worse to see Jens go really, not because he's a better player right now but because he's done more the club. Flamini just pisses me off that he has one good year and then fucks off to Milan. I really hope he is shit there. A lot of people will wish him good luck and stuff but I'm not one of them, if you don't play for Arsenal and you don't leave on good terms I wish you terrible horrible luck. And yes Flamini could have waited one week to go sign with Milan but he must've been excited.

And you're right, Gilberto can still play and if you read yesterday's blog then Gattuso is someone we could maybe consider bringing in despite him being 30.

phatbastard said...

wish i could say i did something cool to my hand, like broke it on some scousers face...sadly i got a nasty burn on my finger when electricity passed through my wedding ring and just now had to have a skin graft for i have a massive cast for one damn finger...should come off tomorrow though...cross your fingers...ha ha.

I understand the anger towards Flamini...for some reason...i just don't have any...i feel like, yes, arsene molded him into the kind of player to command the wage he did...but he still did the work. me this is the risk you run in not having homegrown talent....there is less loyalty, and i can't fault someone for taking a huge payday with a huge club in a beautiful city where the sun shines every now and then.

that being said i hope fiorentina finishes 4th, and i really hate watching 2 serie a teams much flopping, whining, and standing around. and there is a risk for him as well...he could turn back into the flamster who only birmingham wanted. i love when ac milan say thet have followed him for some time. really? the 500,000 pound fee for him last year was too much? idiots.

if we got gattuso...i'd be through the roof...he and totti are the only italian players i can stomach...and we'd never have anyone question our toughness again...i don't see it happening but would love it!

ArseNole said...

i'd love gattuso too. he's just such a fighter. i can imagine someone getting in a fight with cesc (who is always talking shite) and gattuso coming and kicking the shit out of them. would be great

phatbastard said...

Found another name to add to the list of "flamsters replacement"...Jean Makoun...i'd never heard of him but an article on mentioned him...seems more likely then a lot of the names mentioned because a) he's african, specifically from cameroon, and b) he's cuurently playing for french side Lille...also found an article on him from last year linking him to the gunners....for what it's worth...,19528,11667_2410540,00.html