Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is Kolo Mad at Gallas?

Morning all. Still sick so not doing so hot. Not much in the news today but we'll get through most of it.

We'll start off with a story involving Kolo Toure. The Sun (yes I realize it's the Sun) reports that Kolo is fed up because he thinks Arsene Wenger is giving preferential treatment to William Gallas. This could very well be true and I have often thought of this myself. Let's look at the details. Gallas comes in well after Toure, yet is handed the Captain's armband. Gallas makes much more than any player on the team currently. Gallas has been able to continue at center back for the whole season even while Kolo has been forced to play at right back for the last month of the season. Kolo has been here for some six years, and I might be a little upset about all the treatment Gallas has gotten too. I for one was all for Kolo getting the captaincy last year if Gilberto didn't, but for some strange reason it went to Gallas. Kolo doesn't ever say much so nobody really knew if it bothered him or not but this story could show that he isn't all that happy with the way things are going.

We know Arsene is going to bring in another central defender. What I personally hope is that it's someone who is brought in to partner Toure and not to partner Gallas. Toure loves this club and has proven his value for years now, and shouldn't just be thrown to the curb. If Gallas is removed from the captaincy, I think he'll get all pissy and want to leave anyway so we could sell him if we have to. I just don't want to see Kolo replaced by an older and not any better William Gallas.

As I reported two days ago, all the signs are looking like Arsenal will sign Samir Nasri very soon. I'm putting together this link list of all the articles linking us so if you want to check them out you can, or you can just take heart that I told you about it two days ago.

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And there are a bunch more as well but I don't have time to list them all. It does look like he's coming though so that'll be the first big signing in a while. He's not a natural wide player though so who knows if Wenger will bring in another winger or not.

In other transfer news we've been linked with Miguel Veloso of Sporting Lisbon. He's a 21 year old defender who we've been linked with before. He's valued at 24 million pounds though, which Arsene would never pay especially as that would be almost all of our transfer funds for the summer. I've seen the guy play a couple times in the Champion's League and that's about it, so if you know more about him feel free to share.

And yet again we've been linked with Sebastian Frey of Fiorentina. He's a goalkeeper that we are linked with about every six months but we never seem to really go after. I don't expect us to sign him but maybe this year will be the one.

That's really all I feel well enough to write at the moment so sorry it's so short and crap but when I'm better I'll get something good up. Cheers.


phatbastard said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather...but are you sure it's not just footie withdrawl? Or maybe the thought of watching 2 teams full of massive cunts competing for the Champions League...um...championship.

Kolo mad at Gallas? I could buy that...but not mad at Arsene. Few quick points...not a fan of Gallas being made captain...said that many times already...but...Gilberto was reporting late due to international duty with Brazil...and Kolo was spending a month away from the club in the middle of the season due to the African Cup of Nations. So, given that the squad was/is so young...maybe Arsene thought he needed a captain who would be present throughout the whole season...and figured it would stop Gallas from whining about Henry leaving. I couldn't blame Kolo for feeling slighted...but I think that logic makes sense. I can't imagine Kolo going anywhere...and if he is pissed...maybe it will lead Arsene to bring in Yaya to make him happy.

Veloso rated at 24 million pounds? Jeez...never seen him play but that seems ridiculous...you could get Barry for a little more then half that. And if you were going to spend that kind of crazy money...wouldn't it have made more sense to just spend it on Flamini? Crazy crazy season.

I haven't followed football long enough to know this...but is it possible that Arsenal has signed some players and agreed to transfer fees, but that they are waiting to announce it at a later time? Like after the CL Final. Just curious. Feel better Arsenole!

Mike said...

Really enjoyable season review video


phatbastard said...

So I watched the Champions League final yesterday...very dissappointed the stadium didn't blow up...that aside...I thought it was a pretty entertaining game...I thought extra time was pretty terrible...too much leg cramping, time wasting, and squabbling for my taste. But I listened to World Soccer Daily today and heard Steven Cohen say that he thought after watching that game that Arsenal and Liverpool must be terrified that there is some huge gap between those 2 teams and arsenal and liverpool. The man is nuts. After watching that game I felt the exact opposite. You give me a healthy Rosicky and you can have Flamini and I think we could have beaten either of those teams. We finished 2 points back of Chelsea and 4 behind ManU...and we always hear how the table doesn't lie...so where is this gulf then? More and more I believe we are another winger (ahem that's your cue Mr. Nasri to sign the damn contract), and a better center back away from being the best team in England. Can't wait for next year! Bring it ON!!!!

Mike said...

I found the game pretty entertaining as well. The missed penalties by Ronaldo(after all his start-stop nonsense) and Terry were sure good for a laugh.

The only gulf I see between Man Utd/Chelsea and Arsenal is consistency. Obviously on a given day we can beat either one (we did beat Chelsea in fact), we just don't grind out wins when we are at less than our best like they do.

But Cohen and the rest of the media have to think of something to say now that the season is done. The EPL and CL were very close races this season, but saying that doesn't make for much of a story. Instead they'll manufacture a vast gulf below the top 2 when in reality we're talking about 1 game, 1 injury here or there that decided it.

job said...