Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Pathetic Showing

A 4-0 drubbing by some lads you can't stand will really piss you off. What will piss you off more is a lack of effort from some of your favorite players from your favorite club. The match yesterday started badly, going 2-0 down in sixteen minutes, and at that point almost everyone on the pitch stopped caring. If they did care you certainly couldn't tell.

The first goal was scored by Wayne Rooney. They had a corner that was headed around to that long haired twat Anderson who headed forward to the fat scouser who jumped above Hoyte and past Lehmann. Hoyte probably should have and could have done better but it was pretty bad defending by the whole team to let them head it so many times. So one nil down straight off the mark and it was looking bad for us already. Still, it wasn't as though we couldn't come back from 1 down early on, so I wasn't really worried.

The second goal has to be put squarely on William Gallas' shoulders. Now I've given him credit this whole year for his change in attitude and his solid performances, so he has to take more heat when he has a bad game as well. Nani dribbled into the box from the left, Hoyte sort of stayed with him, not expert defending by any means but decent. Nani then crossed and who should get right in front of Gallas than Darren Fletcher. Yes, I'm serious. Darren Fletcher. When I saw he was in the side for Ronaldo I about celebrated, and somehow we let this twat score TWO goals on us. Gallas didn't mark him at all on this one really, just stood there and watched Nani dribble and cross without moving the whole time. 2-0 after 16 minutes. Here's where the giving up took place.

Poor defending on the third goal as well. Nani got in behind Gallas to latch onto a deep cross and simply side-footed into the opposite corner past Lehmann. No idea what our defence was doing on that one. I'll give credit where it is due, United were well on top of their game even if we had played our best, but we were complete shite. I know two of our starting defenders were out and Toure was just back from International duty but this was really hard to watch. We were lucky to go in only 3-0 down at the half.

Things got worse in the 52nd minute. Emmanuel Eboue went into an aerial challenge looking like he was auditioning for the next matrix with his foot aimed right at the midsection of Evra and was immediately sent off. I've been saying for ages that Eboue brings nothing to the team and should never play and is a cheating cunt but nobody ever listened until now apparently. Now Arseblog, Goodplaya, The Cannon, and others are saying he shouldn't play for us again, which is what I've said for months. He's a cheating, diving, fouling twat who can't do anything for our team that someone else can't do better. I can name a ridiculous number of right wingers who are much higher quality. Try me.

The fourth goal was very much like the second, Nani dribbles into the box, crosses, Fletcher heads it in. Nobody at all marked him this time. There was no hope or inspiration in the team at all and it was miserable for anyone who is a real fan to take. Nobody ever wants to lose to anyone, much less to your title rivals by this score.

Later on Adebayor got booked for diving in the box, which was well deserved. Didn't like seeing that out of him one bit. I've loved what he's done this season but please Ade don't take that out of the Eboue football handbook.

And that's really all I've got to say on this one. No effort, no passion, no quality. Simple as that. Hopefully the boys can rebound for Milan on Wednesday. See you all tomorrow.

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