Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eduardo Update, Response to Gallas' Behavior

“I forgive Martin. It hurt like hell but I'm fine now. I know he didn't do it on purpose. I was horrified when I saw how my leg looked at first and wondered how it would all end. But I will be back."

-Eduardo Da Silva

Now that is one brave man with the right attitude. Just a few days after his leg is completely split and he's already forgiving the man that did it and saying he's going to be back. Eduardo has truly shown what a nice, classy player he is throughout this whole ordeal. He didn't come out and bash Taylor like I, and loads of other people did. He just started his recovery and thanked everyone for the support. Get well soon Eddy.

It appears the one time Adebayor didn't make a pass to Bendtner when he should have has caused a stir in the media, and they are already questioning if Adebayor will ever pass to Bendtner. This is the most ridiculous nonsense I've ever heard. Everyone on this team wants to win titles, and by God if Adebayor had to pass to Robbie Keane to somehow win the title he would do it.

Kolo Toure, originally feared to be out for a month after his injury against Milan, says he's hopeful he'll get to return for the return trip to Milan. Honestly if he's not 100% I'd like to see Big Phil stay in the side as he has been superb lately. By the way, at the beginning of the season I did say that I thought he was a quality player for us. People sometimes forget he was in that Champion's League run when we didn't concede any goals up until the final. He's a good player he just needs games to get going.

I really, really liked this article I read on InsideArsenal about William Gallas. Read it if you get the chance.

So now I've had a couple days to think about it and I'm going to agree with InsideArsenal. I am very surprised at how many Gooners and Gooner blogs have given Gallas lots of stick for his actions in the Birmingham game. Some of them are calling for him to be removed as captain, others just say he should have never been appointed to the post. Well I say it was a brilliant choice. Let's recap the week Gallas had: First, one of his French and Arsenal teammates, Bakary Sagna, lost a brother and he spent some time with him to comfort him. Then we lost 4-0 to United, followed by a frustrating game against Milan where we failed to score despite our complete dominance throughout. Then against Birmingham he witnesses one of the worst injuries anyone has witnessed in football for a long time before the referee gives the game away by making a terrible penalty call in the 94th minute. Now would all this not upset you? Should he have pulled a Cantona and kicked a fan? Should he have maybe retaliated against an opposing player and gotten a red card and been banned for three matches? Gallas did what he had to do. Everyone needs to vent frustration sometimes and he did it in a way that was not damaging to anyone. Everyone that has watched him play knows that he gives his all for this team and wants us to win trophies. I'm proud of having you as our captain William, keep it up mate.


Also, read this from the Telegraph. It says the way for Eduardo to come back is,

"You just have to be brave, determined, focused, hard-working - and certifiably mad."

If it pisses you off like it pisses me off, feel free to send them an email and let them know how you feel.


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