"If I was asked which one player I would like to see at Arsenal, it would be Samuel Eto'o."

See he has to clarify that he wants him on his team at Arsenal so the Catalan press don't piss themselves with glee at the thought of Cesc coming to their scummy team.

Confidence is always important in Champion's League ties like this one, and Arsene Wenger has shown it, saying that we can be the team to beat Milan.

Great News! AC Milan and Juventus are still somehow interested in buying Emmanuel Eboue from us! I don't know how because he is complete shite but who cares! Sell him right now! I can't wait to get him out of the club. He has probably been my least favorite player at the club...right up there with Ashley Cole. That's pretty bad.

And I've gotta go. Enjoy that lot and I'll get back with you tomorrow. Later