Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Points Up and Feeling Fantastic

Hello everyone. What a great day it is to be a Gooner! We're at the top of the league five points ahead of United after yesterday's 2-0 win over Blackburn. Even though our lineup was pretty much selected for us because of injuries the team came through and made it the perfect weekend, footballistically speaking. Chelsea are now eight points back with only twelve games to go. That is a tough position for them to be in. We still have to go to that shite hole they call Stamford Bridge and to Old Trafford but I think we can hold off both Chelsea and United if we keep playing with the same strength and passion we have this year up until now.

Our lineup wasn't our best but it wasn't our weakest either. Jens started in goal and had a decent game even though I can remember maybe two saves he had to make all game. Blackburn never really looked like threatening. Best chance was from a Bentley cross that McCarthey should have done better with but he must have remembered that he is a cunt because he didn't hit it anywhere near the goal. By the way, if you watched that game, what on earth was with his hair? It looked like he was trying to copy Gallas' haircut but longer, less-mohawky, and curlier. It was terrible.

In defense we had Sagna, Gallas, Senderos (playing with an injury), and Clichy. So a pretty strong defensive lineup and I think they old had a pretty good game. Senderos of all people opened the scoring in the fifth minute. We won a corner and he was marked by Benni McCarthey for some reason. All he had to do was run in front of him and Eduardo put it right onto his head and he didn't disappoint. 1-0 to the Arsenal. Clichy spent most of his day marking David Bentley, the twat, so his runs forward weren't as frequent. It certainly wasn't his best game but it was solid. Sagna I thought had a really good game. On several occasions he out ran the entire Blackburn team to balls and sent in some decent crosses. He was also solid in defense. Gallas of course did very well and I have to say my next kit will probably be a Gallas one. Either that or Adebayor...who should I pick?

Midfield we had Flamini on the right, Gilberto and Cesc in the middle, and Hleb on the left. I thought Flamini was good, but would have been better in the middle where he belongs. Cesc wasn't at his best. His passing was on and off, but he did have a decent shot at goal that just went wide. Gilberto should just go ahead and pack his bags. He doesn't really bring anything to the team anymore from my perspective. He used to excel in the holding roll, but I couldn't tell we had a holding midfielder most of the time this game. Hleb was magnificent. His dribbling was top class as usual but he even shot the ball! He had one rocket come back off the post when it would have been a goal and a left footed attempt that forced a save. Man of the match for me.

Up front we had Eduardo and Adebayor. Neither really had their best game, but of course Adebayor got his goal, which makes 12 in the last 9 games. That is just ridiculous. Keep it up big man. The goal came in the 90th minute to put the game beyond doubt. Hleb crossed from the right and Ade controlled and finished low into the left corner. That makes 19 League goals for him this year. Remember when a lot of people said he could never be a big scorer?

Here's a little stat that Arseblogger dug up, pretty interesting:

On Feb 10 2004, Arsenal won 2-0 at home (v So’ton), TH14 scored his 19th of the season in the League; on the 11th, United lost at home (3-2 to Boro), and Arsenal went 5 points clear.

On Feb 11 2008, Arsenal won 2-0 at home, Adebayor scored his 19th of the season in the League, the day after United had lost at home, and Arsenal went 5 points clear.

After the match, ex-Gunner Frank Stapleton said Adebayor has become the "perfect striker." He's been so brilliant this year you just dread when his run of poor form will come but it hasn't yet. He is such an important player for us now. Let's just hope he can keep it up.

Adebayor says he is thankful to Thierry Henry for helping him in his development. Me too. Henry is busy pissing around in Spain and we now have the best striker in the Premiership.

Arsene Wenger spoke about how this squad is able to handle pressure and that is why we are at the top of the league.

Lastly, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue both may be included in the squad for the trip to Old Cuntford this Saturday. Glad to hear it.

Until tomorrow, later all.

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