Saturday, February 16, 2008

3-0 Down At the Half

And I'm done watching. It's been bloody terrible so far. The lineup I predicted yesterday was the exact one chosen by Arsene, although in my imagination they played much better than this. We have two shots to United's eight, and Fletcher, Rooney, and Nani have already scored. They were 2-0 up in the first sixteen minutes. If there was a hope we could come back it was pretty much destroyed when Nani scored later in the half. I can't even bring myself to watch the second half. Too depressing. I know we're more focused on the league and the Champion's League, but I still really wanted to beat United, as always.

United didn't even start Ronaldo or Tevez, yet they've been running us ragged all over the pitch. Maybe this will be a bit of a wake up call. We have to play better than this if we want to win the title. Remember we still have to go to Old Trafford again in April.

So that about sums up the first half. For those of you watching the second half, let me know if it's any better.


Mike said...

I lasted about 15 minutes longer than you LOL What a nightmare...But when we send out a lineup like that against competition like Man U, I guess you have to expect it.

I hope we can get back rolling by Wednesday, I know it's considered advantageous to have the 2nd leg at home, but right now I'm glad we'll be back at the Emirates for Milan.

Anonymous said...

Is the life of a supporter to only watch your team when they are winning and playing sexy, flowing football!!?? Admittedly we were poor(okay shite) but surely you continue to watch and support your team in adversity rather than turning the telly off at half time!! I pity the 9,000 who made the trip...also you for your hollow support.

ArseNole said...


I support my team whether we are shite or we are brilliant. It does not mean I have to watch when we are 3-0 down at the half to our arch-rivals. It's not like I said, "well fuck off arsenal you bastards...3-0 down i'm going to support chelsea," I said I'm done watching that match. Conceding defeat is okay sometimes. We were not going to come back and it would not have mattered if I sat there cheering all night. Don't question my fan-hood.