Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wenger In Contract Talks, Plus Another Trophy

Back Home. Finally. And what good news we have!

Arsene Wenger is in contract discussions with the Arsenal Board! This is great news because lots of people were worried that he wouldn't sign on again. It means Arsene has complete faith still in the young squad and it should also keep Cesc around for a while longer as well. I had always thought he would re-sign but there were doubts starting to creep into my mind. Here's hoping he signs the deal soon and sticks around for many years to come!

In the Amsterdam Tournament over the weekend Arsenal claimed another trophy, beating Ajax 1-0 from a RvP goal. And what a goal it was! Not because of Van Persie's finish though, but because of Gael Clichy's run! It was incredible. Clichy was up and down the left wing the whole match and he looks set to be outstanding this year. We've looked good in the preseason tournaments, hopefully that will carry over to the regular season.

William Gallas is back talking to the media again, talking again how he wants to be a leader for the club. He's apparently talked to Wenger about being captain and how he's ready to fill in for Thierry's leadership role.

"I know I am being called on to be one of the leaders of the team after the exit of Henry and I am prepared for that," he told the Sunday Mirror.

"I am one of the more experienced players in the squad and I am here to help the younger players in all aspects - and that is what I have told Arsene Wenger face-to-face.

He went on to talk positively about our chances for the season, which is a far cry from when he was complaining about the squad just a few months ago.

"I am not crazy when I say we can win something," he added. "We have to be optimistic and have the mentality of champions.

"I am a born winner and always ask a lot of myself. My only desire is to succeed and I want Arsenal to be fighting for titles."

Arsenal will face Sparta Prague in the Champion's League Qualifiers. We faced them last year in the group stages and we really shouldn't have trouble with them, but it'll be early in the season so hopefully we'll be prepared for the 2 legs.

Carlos Vela joined Osasuna on loan for the year, we're still being linked with Lassana Diarra, and Adebayor is probably out for the Fulham match in a week.

That's about it for the day, more quality Arsenal tomorrow, and if anyone can click on the link to my interview and vote for the site, we can win prizes. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

its great to hear about wenger and his contract talks, a real boost before the season really gets going.
great result yesterday to win another trophy, clichy was amazing and it was good to see van persie on the score sheet.
its good william gallas is so up for it although id still prefer gilberto to be our captain.
i don't really mind either way if we sign diarra, hes a good player but we don't really need him with all our players in the middle of midfield.
its ashame about adebayors injury but atleast this will give eduardo a chance to play in the premiership so early in the season.

ArseNole said...

Yeah I'm so relieved that he's going to sign a new deal, it'll be great for the squad's morale which should already be high after the two cup trophies. Hopefully Eduardo will do well, I think he will, he has looked good. Clichy is gonna be a legend, and if i can resist getting Cesc or Kolo's shirt, i might get his

Anonymous said...

yeh same, although ill probably end up getting gilberto's.
i can't believe how good clichy has got, hes always been a sold left back, people were asking whether hed be able to replace ashley cole, but hes totaly replaced him and is probably better than cole now, hes quick, strong and he showed last night that he can create a goal out of nothing.