Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Arsenal-Sparta Prague Preview

Woohoo I have two hands again! I got my cast off yesterday and it feels quite weird being able to type with two hands. Today is the biggest match of the year so far. We have a two goal lead from the match two weeks ago in Prague and we have to hold on to it to make the Group Stages and all the money that comes with it.

Our injury list for the match is looking like this: Gallas is out till at least next month, Lehmann is out for another week or two, Sagna is out until the Portsmouth match Sunday, and Emmanuel Eboue will also be out with an ankle problem. It's not too many injuries and we should definitely have the quality to make sure we don't blow our two goal lead.

I think the lineup will look like this:

RvP-Da Silva

I think it'll be Eduardo over Ade simply because Adebayor didn't look up to it last match. He's been trying to overcome an injury and maybe he just needs more time so I wouldn't be surprised to see Da Silva or even Bendtner step in next to van Persie.

Hleb and Fabregas score the goals for us in the first leg of this tie. Hopefully Hleb can add another to his tally for the year as he works for his self imposed goal of ten this year.

Sparta Prague really shouldn't cause us too many problems. They are good for a Czech side but against Arsenal really shouldn't be any trouble at all. I'm looking for a great home performance out of the boys tonight.

I predicted the last score against Prague correctly, but this one will be tougher. I'm going to say the final score on the day will be 3-1 to Arsenal, which makes it 5-1 on aggregate.

Enjoy the match today,

ArseNole out.

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