Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gilberto To Be Named Captain

Not much news again today folks, but I'll give it all to ya anyways.

Reports say that Gilberto Silva will be given the number 8 shirt now and that he will also be given then armband for the upcoming season. I think most people expected this but Gallas thought he might have a go at it.

St. Mirren are interested in signing young gunner Joe O'Cearuill. He's a young defender brought in in 2005 and he's only 20. He was out on loan at Brighton last year but it looks like this deal will happen. I just can't see him ever making it into the Arsenal first team because our defense honestly is just too crowded.

William Gallas continued his reign of happiness and joy, speaking again to the press saying that Arsenal will be a lot more direct this season without Thierry Henry. He seems to think it was all because of Henry that we passed the ball a lot, and had this to say:

"When he (Henry) was at Arsenal we maybe did three or four passes in front of the goal, but now we have changed our tactics completely," Gallas told Sky Sports News.

"Our football is different, but it will be good to watch."

I think we all have loved watching the beautiful football that Arsenal play but sometimes I really do wish that we would just bloody shoot the ball. Let's see if that happens this year.

Alexander Hleb says he is confident in the current squad as well, and it now seems every Gunner in the squad will come forward before the start of season to say how confident they are. He said he is impressed by the other club's big spending this summer but continues by saying that Arsenal will be able to compete. He really seems to worship Rafa Benitez though, saying this:

"I like Liverpool's transfer policy best of all," Hleb told The Mirror.

"Torres, Lukas Leiva, Babel, Voronin, Benayoun - buying them one after the other is impressive.

"We've only had a few acquisitions. But the squad is very good.

"At the moment I still don't know how we will live without (Thierry) Henry. He is a great player and a part of Arsenal.

That's about all I have today. I'll get time to do the season preview tomorrow or friday. Later


Anonymous said...

im glad gilberto is gonna be captain, i was worried it was gonna be given to gallas, not that i don't like him i just don't think he deserves to be captain.
im surprised gilberto is changing his shirt number, seems a pointless to me.

phatbastard said...

Not so fast my friend...looks like Gallas is the Captain! Wonder if he pitched a fit when they named Silva....very odd