Friday, August 10, 2007

Just Kidding, Gallas is Captain

Hello all, I now have cast on my hand because I broke my knuckle so i t makes it tough to write these but I'll try my best.

Yesterday it was reported that Gilberto would be named captain, but now that has changed. William Gallas is the newest Arsenal captain. This definitely came as a surprise to me as I felt sure Gil would get it but if it wasn't him I thought it would be Kolo.

Arsene Wenger told Arsenal TV online: "[The captain] will be William Gallas. There will also be two vice-captains, Kolo Toure and Gilberto.

"I feel centre-back is always the best position to lead on the pitch and it is Gallas who has more experience at the back. But Gilberto has always been a great captain and Kolo Toure has stature too.

"As well I made a decision that I want all those experienced players, along with Jens Lehmann, to be involved off the pitch."

We all know Gallas wanted the armband and now he has it. Hopefully he'll play the whole season and be happier this year than he was last.

Johan Djourou has been sent on loan to Birmingham. The move is only until January which means he will be back for when Kolo and Eboue go off to the ACN, but it is still surprising for me. We really only have three center backs then and if one gets hurt it could be a problem. We'll see how it all works out I guess.

Arsene Wenger spoke about how he expects Arsenal to challenge for the title now. Most Gooners I think think we have a shot but most of the press and other clubs think we don't have any chance. Wenger said this:

"We have a great inner strength. I have a strong feeling that we will do very well this season, much better than people think.

"We are aiming at Manchester United and Chelsea and I am not afraid of that."

That's about all I have today. Opener at home two days away. Finally.

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Anonymous said...

im disapointed to be honest, not that i don't think gallas will be a good captain, i just don't think he deserves it.
hes only been here a year and just a month or two or go was slagging off the club and questioning our ambition, he has changed his tune since then but i still don't think he deserves it.
gilberto was fantastic last season in henry's absence, really played well and was a brilliant captain.
he was always a great example to the rest of the team, controlled the other players when things got a bit heated, i bet hes gutted hes not captain aswell, all that hard work and its given to someone else.