Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thierry Henry Reaction, World Cup Better Off With France In It

Long, long ago, when the world was still new, there was once an Arsenal blog, written by an American. It was updated daily with all the latest news, transfer stories, and thoughts on Arsenal. It was called The ArseNole. And now, The ArseNole is back. That's right, after a shocking absence of over a month, I've made a return to the blogging realm, since there is finally a lot to talk about. Sure, I could have written a lot the past month of how well we have played and how I think we're going to win the league this season, but that would probably have just jinxed us and I'm very superstitious about Arsenal. But as I said, today I have quite a lot of things to burn on, so we'll start with what seems to be one of the most controversial topics in quite some time, and that is Thierry Henry's hand ball that put Ireland out of the World Cup and France in it.

Let me first clarify, that I am not Irish, and I am not French, and if this had happened to the USA I would have been pissed, but I would still not show the hate to Thierry that he has been getting from every corner of the globe. My loyalties lie with Arsenal first and foremost, so in that game I was hoping for a France win due to this simple math:

Arsene Wenger
William Gallas
Gael Clichy
Thierry Henry
Bacary Sagna
Patrick Vieira
Robert Pires

Robbie Keane

Yes, I know there have been other Arsenal players that were Irish, but the one that stands out is captain cunttastic, Robbie Keane, the cartwheeling cunt himself. Keeping him as far away from the World Cup as possible is just fine with me. And personally, I'd rather watch the French play all summer next summer than have to watch just one Ireland match. So yeah, it was a hand ball by Thierry, but I think it was mostly instinctual. The play happened so fast that I don't think he thought, "Oh shite I better stick out my hand here to keep this ball in play." I think he just had it as a natural reaction in the spur of the moment. It's the referee's job to make the call, not Thierry's, so why should he have to be the one taking the heat for it? Did you all expect Eboue to tell the ref he dove for that free kick in the Champions League Final? No, because it was Arsenal. And you shouldn't expect Thierry to do it either because at the end of the day, he got his country into the World Cup, and all the Irish can do about it is bitch for four years while they watch.

To me, the fans that say Henry is no longer thought of as a good person, or as an Arsenal legend, or they see him as a cheater now, are ridiculous and stupid. That one millisecond play made you forget about all the things he did for Arsenal, all 226 goals, countless moments of magic, and some of the best teams this club has ever had? Bollocks I say. Thierry Henry is the greatest Arsenal player of all time, and if you want to bitch about him and say his legacy is tarnished because of that one hand ball, then you're full of shit. He didn't launch a terrorist attack, he didn't molest his daughter, or set his ex-wife's house on fire. He fucking hand balled. Get over it. Do I feel bad for the Irish as a whole? Sure I do. Just not for the ones that act like Thierry Henry is no longer an Arsenal legend and instead is the scum of the earth.

Right, so that's about covered, so it's on to other matters.

Eduardo signed a new long-term deal with the club. Solid move. He's going to have to start quite a lot while Bendtner and more importantly RvP are out injured, so we need him to stay fit and start pounding in the goals. I think he's perfectly capable of doing everything that RvP has done for us this season, in terms of goal scoring and making assists. Arshavin, Theo, Nasri, Rosicky, and Cesc are going to all have to step up their games though to make it through this period. First big test for us is this weekend when we play away to Sunderland, who are a tricky opponent. They're playing well this year under Steve Bruce, and Darren Bent has been banging in the goals. We'll probably have Silvestre in at left back, which is a worry, but hopefully our attacking play will be able to put a few past them. This is the type of game you have to win to be Champions. No slip ups allowed just because we have some injuries. Let's get it done boys.

We also have good news on the injury front. Fabianski, Carlos Vela, Armand Traore, and Denilson are all back, and Denilson will definitely be making the trip up to Sunderland this weekend, which is great news. I'd expect he may have to start right away with Diaby being out, although Arsene could opt to use Rosicky next to Cesc in the midfield. Traore could possibly slot in at left back with Clichy and Gibbs out, and honestly I'd prefer that to having Silvestre in there, but I reckon the boss will pick the experience over the youth.

I'm really quite happy to have Denilson back, even though he seems to not get much love from the majority of Arsenal fans. He's clearly better than Diaby, that is for certain. He can pick out a pass almost as well as Cesc, can hit the long shots, and is solid defensively. I think he'll be a real boost to the squad over the next few months.

Ok, that's about it for the day. Leave your reactions about Thierry and Ireland, or Arsenal, or whatever you want to in the comments. I'm expecting a lot of angry Irish folk mostly. Also, if anyone plays Football Manager Live, let me know so we can play a match on there. My keeper is Fabianski, woohoo! That's about all I've got. Vive Les Bleus, hehe.


Anonymous said...

Well I think I would prefer to watch Ireland play than that French side. Using language such as "cunt" only stands to show that you are an uneducated simpleton that can't string a few words together. I do not appreciate your comments referring to our captain. If you want others not to target henry, then you should probably have lead by example instead you decided to do the same and target keane. So in all honesty you are just a hypocrite, and your post irrelevant.

Boston Red said...

That's some instinct to handle the ball onto his foot! Twice! You're bias is laughable and your blog disgusting. Robbie Keane is 10x the man Thierry Henry wishes he was. Go crawl back into your Arse now.

AfriX said...

Robbie Keane is a Spurs captaining cunt, period! Some of us haven't forgotten Rooney's dives(this season & end of the Invincibles run) against Arsenal, Henchoz's handball. Cheating is part & parcel of the game, just that it hurts more when yo team loses due 2 cheating, when the team gains people don't speak out as much!

ArseNole said...

Bias against Sp*rs, yes, against Ireland, no. I feel badly for the whole nation that it happened like this, I just don't think the backlash against Thierry is necessary. Clearly, I am an Arsenal fan, so choosing between Thierry Henry and Robbie keane, I know which side I'm going to take. And in all honesty, Robbie Keane had several chances to put the tie to bed long before the hand ball occurred.

Anonymous said...

Just Robbie Keane? What about Shay Given? What about Richard Dunne? The Duffer? Godsake. Henry is a cheat.

Anonymous said...

Well ArseNole, Keane may have had one clear cut chance to put the tie to bed but, let me get this straight are you condoning what Thierry Henry did? It is blatantly obvious that he hand balled it not once but twice. It is also my strong belief that his second touch was purposeful.

ArseNole said...

I am not condoning what happened. I just think the reaction that it's gotten is unreasonable towards Henry. He's certainly not the first to hand ball and won't be the last to either.

Anonymous said...

Well Dickhead,what can I say. You created the rules with the slangterms below the belt, so Dickhead is an apt moniker for you. Being absent for over a month. Who fucking cares. What have you to contribute. A dumbass American DICKHEAD. I'm surprised you're aware that life exists outside of that empty landscape called America.

ArseNole said...

Thanks for the comment, it really contributed a lot. You do make a good argument. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Liam Brady an Arsenal legend would not agree with your post mate. Also remember Wenger agreeing to replay your Cup game V Sheff Utd in '99 due to an injustice. I personally don't blam Henry as the modern professional game has a culture of cheating. however if an Irish player had cheated in this manner to get us to South Africa I would want the match to be replayed. I believe many French fans feel the same. A victory achieved through a deliberate handball goal is hollow and meaningless. Shame and deceit is Henry's legacy now. I almost feel sorry for hime.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Eamo!

Steve Porter said...

ArseNole, you're an Arsehole! Heard that one before? 'Course you have - a hundred thousand times, you sad fuck!

You're not French, you're not Irish, and you're not even English, so, how's about you piss off back to the U.S. to plan another bombing campaign on some 3rd world country you prefect example of Yank-wankery!

Your views are as worthless as all your fuckin' presidents!

ArseNole said...

Stephen, that is not even a competent argument. This has nothing to do with where I'm from at all. If you want to argue a point, then at least have a point to argue. If not then please don't write nonsense

christonabicycle said...

You write non-sense, you support a player who plays non-sense. You're inglorious use of 'cunt' in your bullshit blog only goes to show that. YOU set the tone... I'm enjoying putting non-sense on your blog. And why? Well, much like a double handball from an obvious cheat, I feel I might just get away with it! Prick!

Anonymous said...

It would indeed seem that foul-mouthed Stephen has unearthed the error of your ways, ArseNole. Your blog is a sham, you're views are heavily biased, you encourage non-sense, and get on your high-horse when it comes back at you, you neither mediate nor monitor your own blog.... need I go on? An attempt to justify Henry at this point is foolish... Your blog is getting so few hits.. my advice, tear her down, and start a new. After all... it does sound all too much like ArseHole.. he's got you there!

Anonymous said...

If indeed Henry is not so much to blame, fair enough... and I'm not going to rag on about how 'the game's being so comprimised'. However, in the last few posts here, one glaringly obvious aspect has come to light; submitting comments on your piece of rubbish blog seems like fun! You, ArseNole, by 'coming back' have offered yourself on a platter to be absolutely torn apart for your second-rate arguments, your cop-out views and your one-sidedness. I came across this blog through another blog - and thank heavens I did... oh what joy leaving comments as to why someone should quite simply QUIT WHILE THEY'RE EVEN STILL PONDERING HOW THEY MIGHT GET BEYOND LAST!

Mate, FIFA are in the wrong - Henry's in the wrong, and you've just nailed your claim to the post too. Tis a sinking ship. Best not be a dickhead all your life, eh.

Best of luck getting support on here. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

To all those interested, here's what ArseNole has said about himself:

"I try to write a blog that is knowledgeable and provides all sides to a story. I don't want to ever be too pessimistic about things and try to keep that balanced even though sometimes I don't do so well at that."

Need I say no more? I need. Dude... go alienate yourself somewhere else! You're a hypocrite. I'm not even Irish - but there's not a fan of the game out there who doesn't feel that what went down was just out of order, and all down to your idol! False gods, my friend... false gods!

connolylagnet said...

I prefer France in the World Cup than Ireland as well, but it's still wrong. There should be a video replay option, like in FM when you can quit and then restore the game if things don't go your way.

Football Manager is great. I'm on 2008 at the moment, took Arsenal to 15 straight EPL and 14 straight CL titles. Best team was a 4-5-1 of: Akinfeev, Clichy, Sakho, Richards, Sagna, Sankhare, Ben Afra, Cesc, Wilshere, Nasri and Benzema. That was an amazing team, three seasons unbeaten.

Unknown said...

You're a moron. To even suggest the World Cup is better off with France in it, or let alone with any country in particular is an absolute slight against the integrity of the game itself. How can you call yourself a football fan you cunt. Honestly, the World Cup is better off if the teams who EARNED their spots got in, and not the teams who CHEATED.

Thierry Henry is another Diego. He's a cheating bastard and a twat for how he behaved. He's half a man without any sense of honor or from what I can tell any real love of the sport he plays.

PS: Just in case, I can string words together just fine. I'm actually quite eloquent so when I call Thierry Henry a "cunt" I mean just that, he's a cunt, period. My insult towards this peon is no reflection of my ability to compose a sentence but a display of my utter hatred for a man who can't even show shame for what he did INTENTIONALLY after he ADMITS to it.

Pyrokinetic said...

Henry is a fucking legend. Any striker worth his salt would have done the same. Too bad the referee did not call. Its not Henry's fault.
Also if it came to a toss up I'd prefer to watch a France play at the World Cup, rather than Ireland (any fucking day)....who lets admit it, apart from a couple of spirited performances off late are a below average team.
The World Cup now feels more complete....:)

JT said...

I didn't cover Henry and Ireland because it was a very controversial topic, and that Henry isn't with Arsenal. True, he is a legend, but I don't think that here is the best place to discuss this.

I disagree with the World Cup is better with France statement, not because that we have a ton of Arsenal players in it, but because of the circumstances that it happened in.

You don't side with a country because they have players you don't like, but because of national pride. Yes, I don't like Keane at all, but to side with France because of those two arguments isn't good enough. Ireland have quality players, and in a way it would be good if France didn't make it, so they can go and rethink their tactics. They'll get out very very soon if they played like this, so this may just add to the embarrassment.

If ANY team, club, and regarding people made the World Cup or another such cup competition due to foul play and/or cheating, suggest a replay. I don't care if the Irish, French, etc made it or didn't make it, you shouldn't bias one for the other in the instance of cheating.
Henry cheated. Half because he didn't inform the referee and celebrated, but admitted his mistake after. But saying it after the match doesn't mean anything. It's in the moment.

I care if Arsenal players are in the World Cup, but I think that fair play rules above all, over clubs, etc. I disagree with FIFA's statement, especially when the stakes are so high. But at the end of the day it's Henry's fault. And any other French player on the pitch that saw it. They have the equal blame.

To say you don't have bias is wrong, but to say you do, actually admit it. Say that you supported France over Ireland, we don't have a problem with that. But don't say that Henry was in the right and Keane in the wrong because he definitely wasn't.

Think about these comments, and think before you post.

JT said...

Also, when you review some clothes, etc, make a news story after it, so you're not the money grabber people might assume you are. I personally wasn't interested in the items.

Anonymous said...

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AAR said...

Ya.. it only shows opinion using language like that. But i do agree that if you want to win you need to do what it takes to win. If that means stopping a ball with your hand then so be it.