Tuesday, October 20, 2009

France Away Kit and Adidas Copa Edge Backpack

Morning everyone. A fantastic Tuesday to you all. Hope you all enjoyed the win over Birmingham at the weekend, which I missed because I was out of town at my cousin's first birthday party. Good result though, and we're right back in the title race with Chelsea losing. But on to other things.

A while back I talked about receiving an offer from SoccerPro.com when they allowed me to review a pair of Nike Talaria IV's. Well their generosity knows no bounds because they have given me the opportunity to yet again use some of their fantastic products, including an Adidas France away jersey and an Adidas Copa Edge backpack. I've gotten the privelage of using both of these products for the past week and a half or so and I want to share with you all my opinions on them.

I'll start with the France kit first because that was what I tried on right away as soon as the package came in the mail. I had never gotten an Adidas kit before so this was my first experience with the brand, and it's probably already one of my favorites now. The shirt feels great when you put it on, whether it's for playing a match or just wearing it to watch a match on tv. The embroidery is perfect and if you saw me wearing it you would most likely mistake me for being William Gallas or Thierry Henry, that's how authentic it looks. The shirt has Adidas' Clima365 technology so it is perfect for any weather, hot or cold, rain or shine. It really looks great and if you're a fan of France or any other nation, I highly recommend you check out the wide variety of club and country soccer jerseys they have available at SoccerPro.com.

The other product they let me use was the Adidas Copa Edge Backpack, which I was extremely excited about. As you know if you read the blog regularly, I coach a team of Under-9 year old boys, and it is a real hassle carrying my ball, cleats, socks, keeper gloves, keeper shirt, cones, whistle, and other stuff to practice and to the games. Well with this backpack, I can fit everything I'm carrying all into this one bag. It's got a pocket with ventilation for your ball and cleats, a large pocket for carrying any other stuff you have like your jersey, shorts, or shinguards, or for coaches like me your cones, keeper gloves, and anything else you need. It even has a cell phone pocket on the inside to keep your phone safe while you're out on the pitch. I really don't know how I ever lived without it now, it really is an amazing product. And on top of that, for all you Arsenal supporters, it's available in a variety of colors, including red and white, which I got of course. It makes transporting all of your soccer gear extremely easy and I highly recommend it to anyone that plays or coaches. You will not be dissapointed and I guarantee that this product will make your life easier and less hectic when you're trying to get ready on match day.

SoccerPro.com has been good to me, and they will be good to you. They have great prices on a variety of soccer gear, including cleats, balls, soccer jerseys, and anything else you could possibly need. They also give out regular discounts and clearance sales where you can find great products for real bargains. I recommend you conduct all your football related business with them, as you will not ever be dissapointed. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Latest On Charlie "Stanky Leg" Davies

Hello everyone. It's been kind of a sad last 24 hours or so for fans of the US Men's National Team, with the news that Charlie Davies, USA and Sochaux striker, was seriously injured in a one car crash Tuesday morning. A woman, named Ashley J. Roberta, was killed in the accident. Davies and Roberta were both passengers in the car, and the name of the driver has not yet been released. At 3:15 am Tuesday morning, the car Davies was in crashed into a railing in the suburbs of Washington DC, and the pictures of the crash are really frightening.

Yes, that is half of a car being taken away on a tow truck. The other half was carried off on another truck. Davies was airlifted to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery on his many injuries. First, doctors had to repair his ruptured bladder, then they inserted titanium rods into both his tibia and femur bones in his leg. The emergency surgery took about five hours, and National Team team mates did not even know of the accident until he was entering surgery at about 11 am, because there were no team functions before lunch on Tuesday.

Davies also suffered facial fractures and a fracture of his left elbow that could require more surgery in the coming week that he will be spending in the hospital.

The best news for Charlie Davies right now is that he was a young, fit, athlete, which greatly improves his chances of making a full recovery.

"Injuries of this nature usually require a recovery period of six to 12 months and extensive rehabilitation," said Dr. Dan Kalbac, a U.S. team doctor who collaborated with the doctors at the hospital. "Due to Charlie's fitness level, his prognosis for recovery and his ability to resume high-level competition is substantially improved."
There is, as of yet, no word on whether or not the driver of the vehicle or any of the passengers were under the influence of any substances, but the best we can all hope for at this point is the full recovery of Charlie Davies and pray for the girl's family who was killed. Apparently Charlie did break the curfew set for the National Team when he was out until 3:15 though. His injuries mean that he will almost certainly miss the 2010 World Cup.

National Team coach Bob Bradley had this to say:

“Obviously, as a team we were saddened to learn this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family, as well as the people in the car and the families of the others involved. As a team, we are relying on each other in a moment that has for sure hit us all hard.”

As a tribute to Charlie Davies, fans have come up with the idea to have a full minute standing ovation in the ninth minute to recognize Charlie in the match tonight against Costa Rica. Davies wears number 9 for the National Team and his club team, so that is why the ninth minute was picked. The game will be televised at 8pm Eastern Time on ESPN2, and I encourage everyone to watch and give their support if you aren't able to get to the match.

If fans want to send cards their best wishes to Davies, they can mail them to:

Washington Hospital Center
110 Irving St. NW
Washington DC 20010

Also, you can email your wishes to charliedavies9@yahoo.com, and his family will be printing them all out and bringing them to him. Show him the love guys.

There are times when we all act like football is the most important thing in life, but things like this make you realize that it's not even close to that in the grand scheme of things. Get well soon Charlie, and I hope everyone will send their best out to him and keep him in your prayers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cescual Chocolate, Barcelona are Cunts (Still)

Hello there everyone. A fine Monday to you all. Hope everyone had a good weekend even though there was no Arsenal. Mine was pretty good. My Under-9 boys team got their first win of the season in our third match of the year. We won 6-1 after losing 8-0 and 7-0 in our first two matches. So it was a big victory for us and we'll be looking to keep that run going.

I didn't really watch any of the internationals this weekend. Why? Because the USA match wasn't on tv and I was watching American football most of the weekend honestly. International Qualifiers interest me about as much as Cesc to Barcelona stories, which is not at all really. But seeing as there isn't shite to write about at all besides Cesc to Barcelona stories, that's what I'll be writing about today.

In a week where Cesc had to leave the Spain squad to be with his seriously ill grandfather, Barcelona thought it would be a prime opportunity to reiterate their desire to sign Fabregas in January. Stay classy, eh Barca? Check out these quotes from the cunt Txiki Begiristain:

"He's a player who fits the Barca profile. He was born suckling on football here and one day he will end up playing at the Camp Nou. I am sure."
What in the hell does that mean? I don't want to picture Cesc suckling on anything, much less Barcelona football. I'd think he could do a bit better than that honestly. I have some advice for Txiki, laid out in a few steps.

1. Get a real name. I cannot pronounce Txiki, nor have I ever met anyone else who would name their son that.

2. Stop talking about Cesc Fabregas. He's said at least one hundred billion times that he's happy at Arsenal. If he does go to Barcelona one day, then it will be when he and Arsene both decide that it's that time, and when it is you'll fork over about a kajillion dollars to us for him. So until then, just leave him alone.

3. When someone's grandfather is really sick, sick enough that you have to leave your team to go be with him, it's probably not the best time to talk about a transfer bid for him. It makes you look like the piece of shit that we all know you are.

4. Next time you think about opening your mouth, shoot yourself in the leg instead. That will probably make you reconsider, because I'd imagine that would really hurt.

Follow those steps and life will be better for all of us. I promise.

In other news, Senderos, Fabregas, Gallas, Vela and Gibbs all scored for their countries this past weekend, and the injury front isn't looking too bad either. Theo Walcott suffered a dead leg but hopefully he'll be back soon enough. Also, Alex Song's Cameroon beat Togo 3-0 so they only need one win to reach the World Cup and Adebayor's team lost which makes it even better. So a good weekend for the Gunners on the whole.

I haven't heard any more news about Samir Nasri's recovery, but hopefully he'll be back before the Sp*rs match at the end of the month.

That's about all I've got for the day, so I'll talk to you tomorrow or Wednesday. Thank God the international break is almost over. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

International Break Gives Us Time To Get Healthy

Yeah I probably just jinxed the team, because since I said that they'll probably all get injuries playing for their international teams. So if Fabregas, Sagna, Gallas, Song, Theo, and Arshy all come back with injuries, you know where you can point the blame. Right here. But really, think about it. After this break is over, we'll probably have Nasri back, hopefully Theo will be fit enough to go the full 90 minutes, and while Denilson is going to take longer to recover, it's at least 2 weeks worth of matches that he won't miss, if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn't.

Apparently there are some big football nations that could miss out on the World Cup, which I think is fantastic. Why? Because it makes it somewhat easier (hopefully) for the US to get out of the group stage. I think it'd be quite nice if we didn't have to play France or Portugal. Honestly though I like France because they always have so many Arsenal players, so I do hope they make it. Portugal can choke on dog shite and die though.

I've been rocking out to the Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA" for like an hour. Yeah, I'm a 22 year old male listening to Miley Cyrus, so what? I'm a fan. You should like her too. Plus she's ballin rich and if it doesn't work out with me and Carlota Fabregas then I'll most likely go for Miley. Tell me you don't think she's hot and you'd be lying.

So after the international break our next five league matches are home to Birmingham, away to West Ham, home to Sp*rs, away to Wolves, and away to Sunderland. You'd like to think that Birmingham and Wolves would be three points pretty easily. If it doesn't work out that way you have to look at that as a disappointment. Sunderland and West Ham aren't nearly as good of a team as we are, but they are tricky teams to play on the road. You'd like to think we'd get six points from those as well, but I think I'd be happy enough with four.

The key match though is the one at home to the scum. Obviously Sp*rs are shit cunts and they almost never beat us. However, this year they are making an attempt to be less shit than they normally are and are currently ahead of us in the table, which makes this match really f'ing important. We also have a game in hand on the top three teams in the table right now, so if we won that we'd be in third right now. But about the Sp*rs match again, it's one that we have to win. A draw is not acceptable, and a loss should simply be out of the question. If we beat them, they turn right back into pretenders who aren't going to ever get near the top four. If they get a good result at the Emirates though, and we have to go to the shithole later in the year, they're going to get a real confidence boost and have the belief that they can hang in the top four. The best way of making sure we win would be if Robbie Keane and Jermain Defoe were hit by busses, meteors, or a turtle-eating-pigeon before the match. So if you drive a bus, you know what to do. We'll all thank you later.

In other news, Mikael Silvestre says the best is yet to come from him. I suppose it's easy for him to say that since he's never been very good anyway. Also, Sol Campbell could start training with Arsenal to keep up his fitness while he has no club. I say he shouldn't be allowed to. Don't go sign with Notts County saying you "embrace their ambtion" and quit after one game. Sol's a looney.

"It will be great to train here and get fit. I've spoken to Arsene, hopefully we can get everything right and speak to the right people and get a couple of the physios and fitness guys to help me and train. My overall fitness is OK. But something else might happen before then."

That last part is him saying that he hopes Arsene will sign him. That's not going to happen. We have Djourou and Senderos who are both better than him and still can't get in the team. Sorry Sol, every since you left at halftime of that match a couple of years ago you lost all credibility among most Arsenal supporters. Piss off please.

On to other business besides Arsenal now.

If anyone knows about computers, this one is for you. My monitor shows everything giant now, and cuts off like half of what should be on the screen. I tried adjusting the display settings and resolution, but it hasn't fixed anything. I don't want to wait on the phone for hours with customer service if I don't have to, so if you know how to fix this then please get at me.

So I've been out of work for about three weeks now since baseball season ended (at least in the minor leagues.) If anyone knows of any job availability for someone with no real skills, hasn't gotten their college degree yet, and doesn't want to work long hours, then please let me know.

That's about all I've got for the day. Leave comments on any of this stuff and I promise I'll write back unless you are an absolute cunt. Peace!