Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arsenal-Red Cunts From the North Preview

That's right bitches, I have a new computer and I'm back just in time for the most important match of the season, and possibly of my life. As some of you may know, my brother is a United supporter (only to spite me, I might add) so sitting in the same room with him watching this match is going to be difficult. Personally I don't see how someone could possibly cheer for fat scousers and diving, cheating Portuguese while players such as Cesc Fabregas are on the same pitch, but that's for him to decide. Like I said though, it is by far the most important match of our season to date, and a good result is of the upmost importance. It doesn't have to be a win, but an away goal is so crucial in these ties and we certainly need at least one facing a team like United.

Injury news sees Robin van Persie, William Gallas, and Gael Clichy all ruled out, and Silvestre and Gibbs both have fitness tests this morning. Hopefully they'll both make it through those fine, because we need all the defensive help we can get. Assuming they pass, I think the lineup will look like this:


Hopefully Wenger doesn't do like he did in the FA Cup against Chelsea and throw Diaby out there, because I've come to the opinion that he's pretty much useless. How nice would it be to have Arshavin in the Champions League? Sure wish we had bought him in the summer.

I was nervous before we played Chelsea in the FA Cup. I was nervous playing Villareal. Oddly though, the nerves have not set in for the match today. Is it confidence? I'm not sure. I definitely think we have the ability to win, certainly. I think what it really is though is I'm trying to enjoy the moment. If we win it'll be one of the best moment of my Arsenal-supporting life. If we lose though, there's still hope with the return leg.

I am going to be wearing my Cesc Fabregas away kit, the current year's of course. I find it is more important to be wearing the correct home/away kit than any of my other superstitions, although I will of course be going through my entire library of Arsenal songs (over a hundred) on my iTunes. My brother doesn't have any United songs, so he just walks around saying how they are European Champions and some other shite like that. Cunt.

I think the key to this match is in the midfield. We've seen how our controlling the midfield wins and loses us matches this year. When we can hold the ball and get some decent service to Adebayor, we generally do well. When we can't get the ball and don't have any good service to him, we usually don't get any goals at all. So Denilson and Song will be the key. How they match up with Carrick/Anderson/Scholes/Giggs/some other cunts will determine the way this tie goes. I think that United are going to get goals, they usually do, but it's how we respond to those goals. I don't think this is the time to sit back and try to defend. We need to be at our attacking best, and get that crucial away goal.

I watched the Chelsea/Barca match yesterday, and Chelsea really put on a clinic of how to shut down an attacking team. But even though they held Barca to no goals, they didn't score any either, and I think that will be their downfall. When they have to open it up and try to score at home, they're going to give Barca space as well, and that is never good. That's why I don't want us to play like Chelsea. While it shackled the other team well, it doesn't give them any real advantage going home. I'd rather lose 2-1 today than go home 0-0.

Alright, it's 3 1/2 hours until match time. Time to start the Arsenal playlist. I think all of you should as well. Let's give these northern cunts a beating. Come on you Gunners!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Computer Is Broken

The title pretty much says it, my computer stopped working. It won't turn on so I'm going to try to get that fixed asap. Just letting you know why there aren't any new posts. Hope to rectify the situation soon. Cheers. PS: Arshavin was great yesterday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reaction to the Loss Versus Chelsea And More

Morning all. Yesterday was tough wasn't it? I felt like we had been building up to that match for quite awhile, and I was so excited for it just to be let down. A promising start gave way to a pretty miserable ending. There aren't many things worse than watching your team lose in a cup semi-final, but one of the things that is worse is watching the Chelsea cunts celebrate after beating your team.

When I saw the team selection yesterday, I have to say I was a little bit disturbed. Why Arshavin wouldn't play when he hasn't been able to play in the Champions League was really something I questioned. He's brought a lot to the team since his arrival and I think he could have done the same yesterday. Alex Song has been playing the best football of his life in the past few weeks yet he was left on the bench in favor of Diaby, who hasn't been playing much and I don't think many people would argue the point that he is superior to Song anyway. I didn't like the selection, I have to say. I expected to see Song in the lone holding role, with Arshy, Walcott, and Cesc as the attacking mids and RvP and Ade up front together.

I think the formation we decided to use caused us more problems than it was worth. Diaby and Denilson weren't very good with their distribution and while I thought Denilson did ok shadowing Lampard in the first half, I think Arshavin would have proved a better option instead, by creating space and helping out Adebayor up top. I thought Diaby had a pretty terrible game and Song, for me, would have proved a much better option.

The overriding feeling I guess is just disappointment and bewilderment. I just can't understand why he decided to play the players he did, but mostly I feel bad for the team, especially Lukasz Fabianski. He played a dreadful game, and for someone on that huge stage for the first time, it might affect his confidence for a long time. Unfortunately, we don't have any other options at keeper right now so he is going to have to rebound right away. He's definitely had some problems though thinking he needs to come out of his box for balls that he can't win. Sometimes you have to just trust your defenders to do their jobs adequately enough so that you can do yours, and he just doesn't seem to have the right mentality on those balls right now. Adebayor didn't have a great game, but I think a lot of that had to do with the lack of service he receieved. Theo's crosses often found nobody and van Persie didn't have close to his best game either. It must also be said that Sylvestre was just awful on the second goal and when he stopped chasing the ball it showed a real lack of passion for the team and the game.

Arsene Wenger was complaining about the pitch after the game, but I really didn't want to hear about it. Yeah the pitch was pretty bad but everyone plays on the same one so that can't be used as an excuse, and the fact is we were just outplayed on the day. So we're out of the FA Cup and we've only got one chance left at a trophy, and that's the Champions League. We've got a league match against Liverpool this week too, so there's still a lot of crucial games coming up, but in reality the big ones are the ones against United in the Champions League. Villa have been awful in the league lately and 4th spot seems pretty well secure.

I don't really have much else to talk about today because it's just so hard to take, so I'll get something up tomorrow to preview the Liverpool match. Leave your thoughts on the match, the team selection, or whatever else you feel like talking about. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Cheers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

FA Cup Semi-Final Day! C'mon You Gunners!

Morning everyone, and what a great morning it is! I'm currently rocking my home kit, my Arsenal scarf, shorts, socks, and hat for good luck. Also, I did my part last night by sleeping with my Arsenal flags and all the rest of my Arsenal kits, so if we don't play well it is certainly not for lack of effort on my part. This is one of the most exciting days I can remember for Arsenal in some time! Even with our defensive injuries, I feel like the team is playing so well that we have a chance in every single match we play right now. The match is in just about one hour and I've been listening to Good Old Arsenal and Kings of London all morning on repeat. This is what football fans live for, right here. While it's the most important match of our season so far, we most certainly hope that we win this one and have an even MORE important match in the Final a few weeks from now. That's be beauty of it all, winning just to get the chance to win more.

Injury news sees some good news and some bad news. The bad news are the obvious omissions from the squad in Clichy, Gallas, Sagna, Djourou, and Manuel Almunia are all out. That means Lukasz Fabianski (who turns 24 today!) will remain in at goal, while Kolo and Silvestre will probably keep their places in the center of defence, with Eboue at right back. Kieran Gibbs has an 80 percent chance of being fit, so hopefully he'll be able to play, but if he cannot go then Alex Song will drop into a center back role and Silvestre will move out to left back. Not exactly your ideal defensive lineup but like I said yesterday, a little bit of fight and determination can sometimes make up for a perceieved lack of ability.

On a side note, you know what else is great about this year? Those bastards from Liverpool are out of the FA Cup and the Champions League, and I love it. I hate their fans, I hate their team, and I certainly hate that girl playing striker for them and the thug playing in the midfield. So let's all laugh at Liverpool.

So the lineup should look like this:


I think it'll be close to that if not exactly right, with RvP dropping a little deeper than Ade of course. Walcott was incredible vs Villareal last week (Man I love Theo, you have no idea) and if he can do what he did to Villareal to Chelsea than it's just asking for a few goals for us. Fabianski has looked good in goal, and I really am starting to believe that he'll develop into a quality number 1 once Almunia's time has passed.

I don't really have much else to say besides I am so ready for this match! I hope you all are as ready as I am, and for the Gooners making the trip to Wembley, do us all proud! Sing loud, sing proud! Come on you mighty f'ing Gunners! Stick it to the scum!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What A Month Ahead For Arsenal

Morning all. Post number 301 has been hard to get written. It's been a while, but I can explain. Last Sunday was Easter, so I had Church and then was with the family all day. Monday-Thursday I have class 8-5, and then each night I've had to work the baseball game from 6-10, so that doesn't leave a lot of time for posting! I know you don't really care but I felt the need to explain all of that. So it's on to Arsenal.

Tomorrow is a huge day in our season! We have the FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley! We haven't won the cup since 2005 against United and so this is a whole new experience for most of the team. Personally I see this as the best chance for Arsenal to win a trophy this season, because we get Arshavin for it and I think Chelsea and United will both want the Champions League more. Of course I would rather us win the Champions League as well, but I just personally think this is our best chance. We've shown that we can beat United as well as Chelsea this year.

Injury news before the match is not especially good defensively. Kieran Gibbs, who has been shaky but decent for his age in the current situation, is a doubt because of a groin injury he suffered against Villareal. Clichy, Djourou, and Gallas are all out still as well. It doesn't leave us many options but I would say the best plan would be like this:


The only other option I think is to move Silvestre to left back and drop Song into the center, but I think that would be a waste of Eboue, who actually looked very good at right back against Villareal. We could really use Djourou and Clichy back asap. I don't fancy us going two matches against United with that back four, but sometimes a little grit and determination makes up for a little lack of quality.

Chelsea have been giving up goals left and right in the past week, allowing three at home to Bolton and four at home to Liverpool. The way we have been scoring lately, it makes me think we have a really good chance. They are certainly nothing like the team from a few years ago who nobody could ever score on. This team has cracks in it that we can exploit with players like Theo, Arshy, and Adebayor. Eduardo could also return to the bench, and he's certainly capable of scoring goals.

I'm really just hoping for a good match. I want us to win so badly but really I'm excited just to be back in the position where we can say we're in two semi-finals. It's what makes the rest of the season worth watching, being here at the end. The next month is going to be brutal. We've got Chelsea, United, and Liverpool in the league, along with Chelsea tomorrow, and United in the Champions League. Plus, if we beat Chelsea, we could get United in the final, so we'd be playing them four times this month! So it's going to be absolutely ridiculous the amount of good, important matches we have this month, so I hope you all are as ready for it as I am! Pray that we get healthier instead of getting more injuries, and I think we'll be able to pull through with flying colors! Remember, we have not lost to any of these teams so far this year!

That's about all I've got for today. I'm so excited for tomorrow. And there may be something new and big for this site coming in the next few days, so that is exciting too. Come on you Gunners!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Injuries, Wigan Preview, and 300th Post

Wow, this is my 300th post today. For those of you who have been reading since the very beginning almost two full years ago, thanks for sticking around. For those of you who are newer to the site, I hope you'll be here for years to come.

I haven't updated since after the Villareal game, but I'm sure you've read a match report for it somewhere else and if you haven't then you are out of luck because I don't think I'm going to do one. Adebayor's goal was something else though wasn't it? I've watched it over and over again. A real thing of beauty.

We head into the home leg of the tie next week 1-1 with an away goal, which is key. You'd fancy us to be able to win against them at home if we are on our game. In the first half in Spain we looked pretty woeful and Villareal looked like Barcelona, but in the second half we dominated. If we can play like we did in that second half then I think we should be able to win. Even if it ends 0-0 though we are through so let's hope we can shut up shop and keep them from scoring.

The match did cause us some problems though, in the form of injuries. William Gallas will miss the rest of the season, which is a big blow. He's been playing quite well since he had the captaincy taken off of him and his experience and skill will be sorely missed. I think Djourou is a very capable replacement but with Kolo and Gallas having been working so well together lately, it is a blow to lose half of that partnership. Gael Clichy was also injured in the match, and he will miss two weeks, while Manuel Almunia will miss three weeks with an ankle problem. So Lukasz Fabianski will be stepping in between the posts, and every time I watch him he looks better and better, so I'm pretty comfortable with him back there. Who plays at left back is the real question...Gibbs or Silvestre? Personally I'd rather see Gibbs out there. Silvestre hasn't done anything impressive since his arrival and I can't see him coming off a long injury lay-off and magically playing well. Gibbs is faster and probably a more capable player, just lacking experience. If I'm picking the team though, which of course I'm not, I'd pick Gibbs.

So we have Wigan tomorrow in the league, at the shite pitch that is the JJB. I remember playing last year and the ball was bouncing all over the place because of all the weird bumps in the pitch and it really messes up our passing game. Wigan have been pretty good this year under Steve Bruce and I've actually been kind of rooting for them to do well this year, just not against us of course. They got thrashed 4-0 by Everton last week so they should be motivated for this one, and it won't be an easy one to win. We'll have Eduardo and van Persie facing fitness tests before the match, so if they aren't fit I guess we'll see Bendtner come into the side.

If I had to guess the lineup will look something like this:


We could also see Song come in instead of Bendtner (or Rvp/Eduardo if fit), and play a 4-5-1, but this is just what I think. Villa are now six points behind us but we don't want to take our foot off the pedal and give them a chance to get back in it, so we need three points here. Even with the injuries, I think we'll get it done. 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Also, on a side note, I'm really hoping Newcastle get relegated. It's just after my hopes that Sp*rs, Chelsea, ManUre, and Liverpool would get relegated that Newcastle get relegated so if you get some free time turn on the Newcastle match this weekend and watch the cunts languish about the pitch for 90 minutes on their way to the Championship.

That's about it for the day. I'll try to get something up before the match tomorrow but we'll see because I may want to sleep in as long as possible. It's been a long week. Hope you all have a good one and Come on you Gunners!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adebayor's Wonder Goal vs Villareal

Adebayor scored one of the best goals I have seen in a long, long time. If you didn't get the chance to see it, please enjoy this video to the fullest. I know I did.

Monday, April 6, 2009

RvP Out For Villareal, Adebayor Fiending For Trophies

Morning all. Getting pretty stoked for the Champions League match tomorrow I must say. Unfortunately, they will definitely show the Manchester United match on tv here so I'll be stuck watching it on my computer while I watch the scum on tv.

I watched WrestleMania 25 last night. I have to say that Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels was a great match, classic even, but I was mad that Undertaker won because I think Michaels was better and more entertaining. The tombstone though is a rough move and even though I know it's fake I'd hate to even have to go through a fake one of those.

On to Arsenal though, and we have a lot of players out for the first leg tomorrow in Spain. Robin van Persie is out with his groin injury, while Nasri and Walcott are also nursing injuries. Andrey Arshavin of course, cannot play in the Champions League due to being cup-tied from his time at Zenit. So that multitude of attacking talent we had is very depleted for this one, and I'd guess the lineup will look like this:


So I'm really hoping that Nasri and Walcott are ready to go because I don't know who else we would play in the attacking midfield roles if they are out. We could of course always go back to a 4-5-1 or a 4-4-2 but I think we'll probably stick with what has been working.

Villareal have suffered some blows as well, with Santi Cazorla getting his leg broken and being out for the season, so they aren't at full strength either.

I'm going to say that I think the final score will be 1-0 to the Arsenal. I just have a hunch.

Emmanuel Adebayor says he is hungry for trophies, and I'm pretty sure everyone one of us fans is hungry for them too.

"When I joined this club, I was told by most of my friends and team-mates that I had a great chance of winning something. But for the last three years I have gone on holiday having not won a trophy and with an empty heart. Now it's the time to achieve things. Maybe I want it more than the others, I don't know. We all have a desire to achieve things and that's the most important thing."

If you go by the effort showed in Saturday's match, then I'm going to say that Ade is backing up his words with action, which is what you always want to see. If the players can give their all every match for the full 90 minutes, we can beat any team we come up against.

Is there a Gooner out there that doesn't have a special feeling about the Champions League this year? I think we all feel like this is our year to win it all, and with all the players wanting to win as badly as we want them to, I think maybe we can do it. It'd be one of the greatest days of my life and certainly one of the greatest days in the history of Arsenal.

I don't have much else to write as there is very little in the way of news today. Looking forward to the match tomorrow. Make sure you follow me on twitter so we can chat during the match. Cheers all and Come on you Gunners!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Arsenal Are Getting Me Hot And Bothered

That's right, they get me all hot and bothered. Why you ask? Well if you saw how we played against Manchester City yesterday then they would be making you wet as well. Remember when I was talking about that 4-2-3-1 formation? Well we went with it and it worked incredibly well. The lineup looked like this:


Adebayor and Cesc were both making their returns from long term injury absences and neither one of them was the least bit disappointing. Two assists for Fabregas, two goals for Adebayor. The first was from a free kick that Adebayor headed in, and the second was a nice ball from Cesc over the top that Ade controlled, dribbled around the keeper and finished easily. It was great work from them both and it showed just how much potential our team has on their day. With Cesc, Nasri, and Arshy working those attacking midfield roles it presents a scary proposition for opposing defenses. Adebayor was back to the Ade of old, running hard, scoring goals, and putting in maximum effort the whole time he was out there. One instance particularly stands out to me, when he gave the ball away in their half just a little outside of the box, and ran the full length of the field to track down the ball and help in defense. It made me really happy to see that kind of effort and if we could get all of our players to show that kind of effort then I think we could honestly win every match we played.

Song and Denilson were pretty good in the holding roles, and they really allowed Cesc to have a much more attacking role, which was great. In the second half we completely dominated the game, with City barely seeing the ball and having approximately zero scoring chances. So while we were great, it must be said as well that City were horrendous. They couldn't hold on to the ball, they wasted the few chances they had, and didn't look at all like contenders for anything except relegation. Money doesn't solve everything City.

So up next we have the Champions League vs Villareal in Spain. They had an awful result this weekend, losing 3-0 and Robert Pires got sent off. Not the best match leading up to the Champions League, but all the better for us. I tell you, if we don't get any weird injuries and play like we played yesterday, we'll win in Spain. Not just score an away goal, but win outright. I fancy us to go through to the next round, and I think you'll see a good performance from us on Tuesday.

So we're seventeen league matches unbeaten which is quite an impressive streak. We still have to face Liverpool, United, and Chelsea this season though, and we also play Chelsea in the FA Cup and United if they beat Porto and we beat Villareal, so it is a tough road ahead. On current form though, would you argue that those teams would beat us? Liverpool are playing really well, but we've shown ability to break them down and score some goals against them. Chelsea and United both seem to be in a bit of a slump, so I certainly am not counting out three points against either of those teams.

The season seems so much brighter now than it did just a few short months ago. We're headed to Wembley for the FA Cup Semi-Finals, we're in the quarter finals of the Champions League, and we're playing loads better in the league and almost have our Champions League spot cemented for next year. It's much more fun to watch football when your team is winning, and that time is now.

Come on you Arsenal!

PS: Yesterday I bought the website If you have any ideas for what you think should go on there relating to Arsenal's youth and reserve teams, feel free to let me know!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cesc Back To Face Manchester City And More

Morning all. I'm watching Family Feud this morning, because there isn't much else on tv and for some strange reason I do enjoy family feud. This braniac on there just had this question:

Host: "Name something that has wings."

Wife: "A bird!"

Host: "Do I see a bird? Yes, number one answer! Ok now you sir, name something with wings."

Husband: "A chicken!"

Host: "Amazingly sir, the judges classify a chicken as a bird. Try again."

Husband: "A pidgeon!"

Yes, he really had that exchange. That is why I watch this show, because of fools like that man there.

On to Arsenal news though, and it looks like Cesc Fabregas is going to be back playing this weekend against Manchester City! Arsene Wenger had this to say:

“He is ready to play again. But he needs three games to be back [at his best]. We are due to play eight games in 25 days, which are all decisive.”
It's true they are all key games. We've got the match ups with Villareal which are of course a huge priority and we also have to keep the space between ourselves and Aston Villa with some tough league matches left to go. Cesc is the captain of our team and the creative force behind it, one that has been sorely lacking before the arrival of Arshavin. With Nasri, Arshavin, and Cesc in as creative hubs, the goals have the potential to start flying in, granted our strikers can finish.

Striker could be a problem for the weekend, with RvP and Bendtner injured on international duty. It looks like Adebayor is ready to go though, as he made a scoring return for Togo over the last week. He could be paired with Eduardo, which would be interesting, or he could be up front on his own, which would allow a five man midfield with Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, Denilson, and Song. Either of those would be good to see and we need to avenge the beating City gave us earlier in the year. We were playing like shite back then though and we're playing well now, not to mention we have Arshavin and Eduardo with the squad now who we didn't have back then. I'm really looking forward to Saturday.

Bakary Sagna has been linked with a move to Juventus, but he basically told them that they could blow him. He said he's happy at Arsenal and has a contract till 2014, which I thought was a ridiculously long contract when I read it until I realized that that is only five years. Can you believe in five years it'll be 2014? Crazy. But yes, he said he enjoys playing for the club, likes the team, likes the manager, and doesn't want to leave. That's the best answer you could possibly give. Full credit to Bak on that one, and that's why he's one of my favorite players.

There isn't much else today. Match Saturday, NBA playoffs coming up (Go Celtics!), and baseball starts again for me tonight so there is a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. Hope you all have a good one. Cheers.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

International Injuries and Kroenke Ups His Stake

First post in like a week or so, and you know what? The break has been good for everyone I think. You don't have to read posts about nothing, since there is nothing going on, and I don't have to try to think of anything interesting to tell you when there is nothing interesting to tell at all. Be right back I need to start the coffee pot. Alrighty the coffee is on it's way. I effing love me some coffee. So today we actually have a bit of Arsenal news, which is mostly bad, actually. Internationals have been going on, and of course, where there are internationals there are injuries for us. Such is the case this week.

First of all, Robin van Persie has managed to get injured while playing for Holland. It's a groin injury that has forced him to withdraw from the squad, and what a bloody awful time to get hurt it is. He's been healthier this year than in any of the last few, and now right at the end, when we need him the most, he's gotten injured when he's not even playing for us. I don't know how long he'll be out but hopefully he is back fit soon and this isn't an injury that will linger for a long time.

Robin also has been talking about a new contract, saying he would be willing to sign an extension as long as the club "match his ambitions."

"Financially Arsenal's last offer is fine, but that isn't everything for me. It's about my ambitions and how they can be fulfilled. The club and I want the same, and it's our intention to achieve that. We have all the other factors in place - fantastic stadium, dedicated support and money in the bank. Now it's about making that final push. In the last four years, I've only won one prize, the FA Cup - and that is too little. I want to push through to achieve more."

I think that's about the dumbest argument I've ever heard from any player. It seems to be a more and more common one lately though. The problem with is is this. EVERY PLAYER WANTS TO WIN TROPHIES! And how do teams win trophies? By keeping their best players with the club. So if van Persie wants to win things at Arsenal, then it sure seems to me like he needs to stay to help us accomplish that. It doesn't work out for players that leave Arsenal. Just ask Anelka, Vieira, etc. Keep that in mind Van Persie.

Stan Kroenke, Arsenal board member AND American (I am proud there is an American on the Arsenal board, yep), increased his stake in the club to 20.5% after he purchased 8 percent more from Danny Fiszman. That makes him the second largest shareholder next to Alisher Cuntmanov. Ivan Gazidis spoke highly of the Stan Man:

"Stan really is a model owner. I think the fact that Danny has felt comfortable selling his shares to Stan speaks volumes."
And he's absolutely right. If Danny (who is a long serving Arsenal board member himself) is comfortable selling his shares to Stan, then they are convinced he only has the best interest of the club at heart. Inviting him to join the board was the first sign of trust and now this.

I have this envisioned as sort of a scene from the movie Gladiator. The board are building up Maximus (Stan Kroenke), who is a fan favorite, well liked and battle tested (Stan has owned several other sports teams), and on the opposing side is the fat, ogre looking cunt Alisher Usmanov, who nobody cheers for but he bullies his way through most opposition. We all know that Maximus wins this battle so hopefully Stan will overcome that Usbeki wanker who should spend less time stuffing his pork hole and supporting Man United.

And more injury news, Abou Diaby and Nicklas Bendtner have also suffered injuries. I don't even know how Diaby gets called up to the France squad honestly, but he's been forced to withdraw. You'd think with a guy as big as him he wouldn't get so many little niggly injuries, but maybe he's just a pussy. Suck it up Diaby and play through the pain. Bendtner has injured his knee with Denmark, and there is no word on how long he will be out.

That's about all I've got today. Hope it was exciting and that you liked the Gladiator movie reference. Maybe a Die Hard reference tomorrow. Cheers.