Friday, April 10, 2009

Injuries, Wigan Preview, and 300th Post

Wow, this is my 300th post today. For those of you who have been reading since the very beginning almost two full years ago, thanks for sticking around. For those of you who are newer to the site, I hope you'll be here for years to come.

I haven't updated since after the Villareal game, but I'm sure you've read a match report for it somewhere else and if you haven't then you are out of luck because I don't think I'm going to do one. Adebayor's goal was something else though wasn't it? I've watched it over and over again. A real thing of beauty.

We head into the home leg of the tie next week 1-1 with an away goal, which is key. You'd fancy us to be able to win against them at home if we are on our game. In the first half in Spain we looked pretty woeful and Villareal looked like Barcelona, but in the second half we dominated. If we can play like we did in that second half then I think we should be able to win. Even if it ends 0-0 though we are through so let's hope we can shut up shop and keep them from scoring.

The match did cause us some problems though, in the form of injuries. William Gallas will miss the rest of the season, which is a big blow. He's been playing quite well since he had the captaincy taken off of him and his experience and skill will be sorely missed. I think Djourou is a very capable replacement but with Kolo and Gallas having been working so well together lately, it is a blow to lose half of that partnership. Gael Clichy was also injured in the match, and he will miss two weeks, while Manuel Almunia will miss three weeks with an ankle problem. So Lukasz Fabianski will be stepping in between the posts, and every time I watch him he looks better and better, so I'm pretty comfortable with him back there. Who plays at left back is the real question...Gibbs or Silvestre? Personally I'd rather see Gibbs out there. Silvestre hasn't done anything impressive since his arrival and I can't see him coming off a long injury lay-off and magically playing well. Gibbs is faster and probably a more capable player, just lacking experience. If I'm picking the team though, which of course I'm not, I'd pick Gibbs.

So we have Wigan tomorrow in the league, at the shite pitch that is the JJB. I remember playing last year and the ball was bouncing all over the place because of all the weird bumps in the pitch and it really messes up our passing game. Wigan have been pretty good this year under Steve Bruce and I've actually been kind of rooting for them to do well this year, just not against us of course. They got thrashed 4-0 by Everton last week so they should be motivated for this one, and it won't be an easy one to win. We'll have Eduardo and van Persie facing fitness tests before the match, so if they aren't fit I guess we'll see Bendtner come into the side.

If I had to guess the lineup will look something like this:


We could also see Song come in instead of Bendtner (or Rvp/Eduardo if fit), and play a 4-5-1, but this is just what I think. Villa are now six points behind us but we don't want to take our foot off the pedal and give them a chance to get back in it, so we need three points here. Even with the injuries, I think we'll get it done. 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Also, on a side note, I'm really hoping Newcastle get relegated. It's just after my hopes that Sp*rs, Chelsea, ManUre, and Liverpool would get relegated that Newcastle get relegated so if you get some free time turn on the Newcastle match this weekend and watch the cunts languish about the pitch for 90 minutes on their way to the Championship.

That's about it for the day. I'll try to get something up before the match tomorrow but we'll see because I may want to sleep in as long as possible. It's been a long week. Hope you all have a good one and Come on you Gunners!


Jamesgillesp said...

well done on getting to 300 mate!
4-1 vs wigan - a good result for the Arse too!

Socceroos soccer legend said...

Congrats on 300th post, and no better way to celebrate than laughing at Newcastle. They actually got quite a good point at Stoke, but i'll settle for that considering we picked up 3 of our own.

Looking forward to 300 more...

Anonymous said...

Well done.

But you don't seem to be updating much?

ArseNole said...

Been extremely busy lately. Getting back to the posting tomorrow. Cheers

The Arsenal Labradoodle said...

301 is a bitch init

I hate fucking Anonymous Posters.

Anonymous said...

still aint gt back 2 da postin

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