Monday, December 8, 2008

Rosicky Out Until At Least March, Eduardo Back Soon

Morning all. Bad news today. Coming off our 1-0 win over Wigan we find out today that Tomas Rosicky will be out until at least March. He's been out since last January so it'll be at least a 14 month recovery (longer than Eduardo's broken leg) for a hamstring injury. I think it is fairly safe to say that Tomas' career is in serious jeopardy. They have set dates for his return before now and each time they have pushed it back so we really can't even hold our breath for march. It's a shame that he's injured, but he's had a habit of that since coming to Arsenal and honestly I'm more worried about the health of Arsenal as a whole than the health of Rosicky's hamstring. Being injured really messed us up last year as we were short of wide players going into the title stretch. It's also forced us to buy Samir Nasri (who I think is a great player) when we maybe could and would have normally used it to buy a defender or central midfielder. If he doesn't make it back before the end of the season, then I can't see him ever playing another match for Arsenal. His constant injury problems make him not worth the quality he provides when healthy. So for his sake and the team's, let's hope he can make it back by March.

In better injury news though, Eduardo will be playing in only eight days! Arsene Wenger says he'll play December 16th against the Portsmouth reserves. I'm pretty excited about watching it (thanks ArsenalTV Online) and I'm really really hoping he comes through with flying colors. He's been out so long with such a devastating injury and you don't really know how he'll react to being out in a competitive situation again. The best analogy I could come up with was Top Gun. In Top Gun, when Goose and Maverick eject from the plane and Goose slams into the canopy and is killed, it really rattles Maverick, just like Eduardo's injury will have undoubtebly rattled him. Viper gets him back in the air though as soon as possible but Maverick is still a little tentative and not at his best, but with time he becomes more comfortable being back where he belongs and succeeds in battle. Eduardo, too, will be a bit nervous about his leg and how it will react to playing a match. With time though he'll feel comfortable on it and make a full recovery, and return to top goal-scoring form. Good luck Eddy, can't wait to have you back. I put in the great clip from Top Gun here in case you haven't seen it.

One last thing, Kolo Toure wants the fans to lay off the "heckling" of Eboue. In all fairness, it was his first game back in six weeks but when you play badly then people are well within their rights to boo you. If you pay for a ticket to the match you should be able to boo someone for a poor performance. Eboue was absoultely awful on Saturday and the boos were warranted. You never see a player substituted on and then back off later in the match, and he was. That just shows you how bad he was. If he can't handle a few boos then he is in the wrong proffession. Man up Eboue and play better, and try harder, and then you won't hear the boos. If you keep playing how you have played for us for the last year or so though, it will continue.

That's about all I've got. Maybe I'll do a podcast at the end of the week but I haven't decided yet. We'll see if I get enough emails from you all. ArseNole{@} Cheers.


Connolly's agent said...

So all we have to do is get a hot blonde American flight instructor to shag Eduardo, and he'll be right as rain?

I'm seriously pessimistic about Rosicky, too.

C10-Goona said...

The boos are warranted, your a complete idiot, nobody deserves the treatment Eboue got from his own fans no matter how bad they play. He didnt even play badly, he just lost the ball on two occasions, he was actually one of our few attacking threats going forward with his direct surges forward. Writing a blogg with the view of booing your own team is acceptable!!... you think this helps the team and morale of all our players, that they play with the fear of getting booed by their own fans!!... seriously man u really call urself a supporter of Arsenal Football CLub, that is the last time i read this blogg.. try changing your team, and instigate booing down at the lane

Andre said...

I absolutely agree.

I really like Rosicky, but it doesn't look good for him.

Eboue was ridiculous and all the finger waving at the fans that has happened is absurd. I was watching on TV and I booed him too. I can't imagine how I would have reacted had I been there.

That said, I thought Ade was all class as he put his arm around him and gave him a little talk and encouragement.

ArseNole said...

You can boo your own team if they are not showing effort and playing terribly. I'm glad this is the last time you read this, because that means this is the last time we have to read your terrible comments. Nobody is excused from criticism, no matter what team they play for. You want your team to play better, not worse, so letting them know how you feel when they play badly is fine. Think I'm not an Arsenal fan? Yeah I take the time to write this blog for over a year because I really am a Sp*rs fan in disguise, that seems logical dumbass. come up with a new argument or don't share your opinion. Cheers.

jh92 said...

yeh poor rosicky. i like him he's a gd player. We need to buy a new wide player. personally i dnt agree with booing ebooue. everyone has their right to boo and i really really dislike eboue but i wouldnt boo him. he was distraught when he came off and the crowd werent helping the team. fabregas got annoyed at the crowd for moaning and groaning when he misplaced a pass against aston villa and i dnt blame him.