Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Arsenal Christmas List

Today is Christmas Eve, and I will be departing in an hour to go spend it with my entire family, but I figured I'd do a quick Christmas post before all the festivities begin. I think an Arsenal Christmas list is in order so I've put one together for the rest of the season. If you think of any fun additions go ahead and leave them in the comments. These are in no particular order by the way.

1. Someone who can play in place of Cesc while he is out. Diaby is not Cesc, nor is Denilson, Ramsey, Song, or anyone else on our team. We need to buy someone to play the rest of this year in Cesc's spot while he is out. I could think of a couple of names but Arsene never buys anyone that we've heard of so I think it's best to just say we need SOMEONE there.

2. To stay undeafeated against the rest of the "Big Four." We've done it so far, with 2 wins and a draw, and I think it'd be great to be able to keep it that way the rest of the year. It will obviously be tougher without our captain but at least we would be able to say we didn't lose to any of them even once.

3. To beat Tottenham Hotspur at Shite Hart Lane. They screwed us over at the Emirates and we really owe them a beating. The only thing better than destroying them at home is destroying them on the road.

4. To stay in the Top Four. We've struggled this year, and fallen out of the top four, with Villa slipping in our spot. We NEED to make it into the Champions League next year, and so we really need to get back into at least 4th spot.

5. A new defender. I think that goes without saying. Djourou has turned in some good performances but since I think Gallas' time at Arsenal is nearing it's in we could use a good, tall, strong defender.

6. A holding midfielder better than Alex Song. Sorry, but Alex is just not good enough to be playing this much for Arsenal. Give us somebody better please. Again, not going to name names but a quality DM is just what we need.

7. Keep Usmanov out of Arsenal. There has been some drama within the Arsenal boardroom lately and it may be an opening for Alisher "As Large As Russia Itself" Usmanov to buy his way into the boardroom. We can't have it. He's a wanker who knows nothing about football or Arsenal or how to not be a cunt. Please Arsenal, do not let him in, at any cost.

8. A Trophy. It's going to be tough without our captain, but we still have at least two chances for silverware in the FA Cup and the Champions League. We'd all love a trophy, so let's do it Arsenal!

That's my Arsenal Christmas list. If we could get half of those things it'd be awesome but all of them would make it the best Christmas ever.

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you enjoy spending time with your family and I hope you all have wonderful times! Cheers!


GPS Justin said...

Totally agree with you on this wish list- a suggestion- get Wenger to buy a couple of players that can make their mark and blend in well, and to fill in the holes!!

Anonymous said...

my wish list (the realistic version)..
2 of the following--van der vaart, arteta or ribery..

van der vaart-out on the fringes at madrid. great playmaker, great goal scorer

arteta-experiened premier leage..can play wing or anywhere in the midfield. would work great with cesc on his return.

ribery- great winger, control, speed..just what we need..

if we get any one or 2 of these, we will have good experience and depth to our midfield attack and creativity..

we also need 1 good def mid..
inler, yaya, veloso-would all be great. one of them would add some good competition..if we money wouldnt be an issue, i would try to bring back Flamini, or try to sign a versatile Essien like player, hey why not Essien himself (:P)

Defender is also on tap for the summer time.. metzelder, metersacker, lescott, richards. any of those would be great..

so my wish list starting lineup in the new year would be (i would say close to realistic demands)....

ade (vela) van p(dudu)

nasri (rosicky) ribery(theo)

van der vaart (cesc)

Flamini or veloso(denilson/song)

clichy toure richards(DJ) sagna

adding these sorts of players to our midfield would be great as they are all versatile midfielders.

ribery can play either wing, van der vaart can play anywhere in the midfield (besides Defmid), nasri is highly versatile along the mid like van der vaart., cesc can play almost anywhere too..that would give use players to rotate with, give us depth, experience

hey, we can all wish cant we??

GPS Justin said...

Hmmm, Ribery, a little expensive- and most of the defenders expensive too..

Oh, throw in a good goalkeeper too

Wise up our defensive side of our game...

Mike said...

Wow, some exciting game today. Disappointing ending, we just left the Villa player, Petrov maybe, too much room after the throw in and he had an easy pass into the box. Still, that was probably what we deserved and I think our players showed us a lot today. Sagna was brilliant. If we can keep that kind of play up, I think we can get 4th place in the end.