Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Reaction To Eboue, and More

Morning all. It seems people still want to talk about what happened with Emmanuel Eboue in the match Saturday, and since there isn't much else to write about today, that's what we'll continue with. I said yesterday that paying fans should be allowed to boo if they want, and when a player plays terribly and/or doesn't show effort, then why should he not be booed? Just because they play for Arsenal means ANY type of performance is acceptable and we should just clap them off? The way I see it, we want players who want to play hard and play well for Arsenal, and while everyone has a bad game once in awhile, Eboue's appearance Saturday was absoultely abject.

Richard Williams of the Guardian says that Eboue's treatment was unfair and his tears shamed all of the booing fans. Richard Williams is wrong. There is not a single case I can think of where it would be acceptable behaviour for a proffessional footballer to cry over being booed, no matter who does it. You get paid more than most of us can even dream to do something most of us would do for free, playing for Arsenal. Man up Eboue. Crying like you are ten years old and just missed a penalty is not going to make anyone feel sorry for you and regret booing your shite performance. Man's game bitch. Eboue isn't good enough to play in our first team anyway, and if we actually had a deeper squad he probably wouldn't, so it's not like this is his first bad performance for Arsenal. If you pay tons of money for tickets and you get pissed off at Eboue, go ahead and boo him. He needs to play better or accept criticism better.

Emmanuel Adebayor says it doesn't matter how we play, it just matters if we win. I think he's half right. We all want to play beautifully yes, but I think more importantly we want to win. It'd be nice if we could always do both, but that isn't going to happen. I think against the sides that go out to defend against us we need to have a "score at all costs" motto going into it. These seem to be the games where we have great build up play that leads to nothing. In the second half of the season we really need to get results against these weaker teams and Adebayor is right on there, we need to win, not play beautifully.

So we have a match against Porto tomorrow that will determine who finishes top of our Champions League group. It's a rare match we can all enjoy without any stress at all. We're already qualified and I don't really think it matters much if you finish 1st or 2nd in the group. You have to beat every team left in it anyway at some point, so I don't think it matters in what order they fall. I'd like to see Kolo get to play with Djourou again, and I'd suspect some fringe players like Bendtner and/or Vela will get to play. I think we can get a win. We beat them 4-0 at the Grove and we are the better team. It is tough to play in Portugal though, so it may turn out to be a draw. Either way I'll just enjoy watching the match.

And for the people like C10-Goona who think you are not an Arsenal supporter if you don't agree with their definition of a supporter, please go read another blog or just keep your mouth shut on this one. Just because I have an opinion different from yours does not mean I am not a supporter. I don't think I would write an Arsenal blog for over a year if I wasn't a fan. I don't have that kind of time and neither does anyone else. So like I said, Arsenal fans need to quit telling other Arsenal fans they are "not supporters" or should "go support Chelsea" because it's just stupid. Last I checked there isn't a chairman of Arsenal fans that decides whether you are a fan or not. So please shut your mouth or get a new site to comment on.

That's about it for the day. Hope for a win tomorrow and hope Chelsea, Liverpool, and United all lose just because life is better that way. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Classy folk don't boo their own team son.

Anonymous said...

The real issue isn't about Eboue. It's about the new breed of fan who are turning up at the emirates with unrealistic expectations of winning every week and who throw their toys out of the pram every time we don't Vs the die hards who know that the only constructive thing to do is to support the team and trust that Wenger, a man who has brought so much joy to us over the last ten years and who has done so much to build the club and who is, undoubtably, the clubs greatest post war manager, will again bring success. This is a battle for the very soul of Arsenal football club and that is why it has caused so much debate and will continue to do so. It's not just a matter of paying your money for a seat and sitting back expecting entertainment and start whinging when it doesn't meet your expectations - When you become a supporter of a football club you become part of a tribe, an institution that has been attended by our fathers and grandfathers who have turned up over the years to watch countless teams, many of them far, far worse than the one we've got now, and who have supported them with pride. Not the kind of 'pride' which means not being able to bear losing the odd game and calling for the manager to go, but the kind of pride demonstated by the away supporters at Man City the other day who sang 'we love you Arsenal' for 10 straight minutes at the end of our worse game of the season. Booing merely makes the club look soft and pathetic to outsiders and transmits all kind of wrong messages to the players (what the hell must Fabregas be thinking, or Toure.) Its such a shame that there is this continual complaining from some fans at the moment because there is so much to be proud about our club at the moment. The way that we do things compared to others is worthy of so much respect and I can't help but feel that those fans who would prefer we whore ourselves to the likes of Usmanov just really don't get what Arsenal football club is all about and really would be happier at chelsea.

ArseNole said...

First off, I'm not saying that I personally would have booed him, I'm just saying that the fans should be able to if they feel the need to. Secondly, my other point was that Eboue should be able to handle a bit of booing with a performance that bad considering the job he does and the money he makes. He's being a little girl about it and it's annoying.

Danian said...

Wow. Pay your money so your entitled to behave like a moron? Your probably right, however booing your own players will never ever make things better. Wenger is no mug and i'm sure he has a good idea of the quality of his players. Eboue is far from being my favourite Arsenal player and i've slated him amongst friends on a few occasions. I would never boo him at a game though. I've watched and attended loads of games where Theo has been absolutely crap. He's never booed. We chant his name and surprise surprise he's starting to show his talent. You may not have said you'd have booed but you support the booing so are just as guilty!