Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hammering Porto, Just What The Doctor Ordered

Morning all. Happy times again. After being embarrassed by Hull we really needed a good performance and three points at home against Porto in the Champions League, and that is just what we got. A 4-0 and a great performance will lift everyone's spirits.

The changes Arsene Wenger said he was going to make didn't really materialize, and the only change ended up being Nasri in for Eboue. I was kindof hoping to see a more changed lineup I'll admit, but I certainly can't argue with the result this lineup produced.

Porto had us a couple of times early, and one I specifically remember was when they got us on the break and had a 5 on 3 and managed to hit the post. Luckily we were only bending and not breaking and managed to keep them out until we opened the scoring.

It was Robin van Persie who got on the scoresheet first, after some great work from Adebayor. Ade made a good run into the box with the ball that Cesc had played to him, made the keeper commit to coming out for him, then cut it back for the on-rushing van Persie who easily finished into the open net. A nice team goal from our strikers and they worked well together all night. It was good to see from them because I think there styles compliment eachother perfectly when they are both fit and on their games. 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Adebayor got one of his own next from a corner, taken of course by Robin van Persie. Adebayor rose up to meet it and headed into the ground and it bounced over the keeper's head and in. I think Adebayor does that almost better than anyone I've seen play the game. When he rises up to meet corners and free kicks it is like he can hang in the air for hours. Not to mention he is tall and gets higher than almost everyone. I really think we should use him more from set pieces because he is almost impossible to defend. 2-0 to the Arsenal was the score at the half.

The second half was all Arsenal. Porto definitely seemed to realize they weren't getting back into the match and Arsenal ran the ball up and down the field on them, creating chance after chance. Walcott had a good effort, RvP got another goal, Nasri had a chance and it really could have been about 6-0 at this point.

Some substitions were made, with Bendtner and Eboue coming on for RvP and Nasri. Bendtner won a penalty and Adebayor made it 4-0 to the Arsenal. Vela came on for Walcott after that and he really looked good I thought. Man he is an exciting player. Such quick feet and he's so skilled on the ball and with his runs that he will always be a thorn in any defenses side.

So I predicted 2-0 to Arsenal, but you have to double that to get the final, 4-0 to the Arsenal in a great performance.

Man of the Match: Emmanuel Adebayor - 2 goals and an assist make a pretty complete day for Ade. I thought he was brilliant and he really looks like he's getting back to the goals like last year now.

Needs Work: There isn't much you can say needed work in this particular game as I thought everyone played pretty well. So my needs work for this match will be the criticism of Manuel Almunia. I don't understand why this man takes so much shite. He's a bloody good keeper. People say he doesn't win us matches but I've seen him make several good saves this year and last that have either given us a win or at least kept us from losing. Keep it up Manuel!

So it's back to the league again but it's good to get a good performance and three points in. Cheers and up the Gunners!


Anonymous said...

It is still unclear how Tottenham will be punished (if at all) for the racist and homophobic abuse against Sol Campbell last weekend.

The police refused to act at the time, saying there were too many supporters involved in the action against Sol Campbell for them to be able to make arrests. They asked the FA to act.

Then the FA said that they could do nothing if Portsmouth did not make a complaint.

Portsmouth said they would not make a complaint unless Sol Campbell made a complaint, although Harry Redknapp called for action.

So it stood - with the FA looking as impotent in dealing with Tottenham racism and homophobia as FIFA is in dealing with Croatian racism.

Now Hampshire police said that they have received one complaint (only one???) about the abuse and have promised to investigate it fully.

“This kind of thing has no place in football, no place in life,” said Harry Redknapp, quoted in the Guardian. “Someone has got to do something about it, somebody has got to make a stand, and if Sol wants to do that, we are right behind him.”

The police will obviously have access to the film that is taken of away supporters at Fratton Park, and Tottenham (if they co-operate) will have the names and addresses and photos of all their away support as they will be members of the travel club. So action should be possible.

But there is also the question of whether the FA will take action against Tottenham for failing to control their supporters - or indeed whether the FA believe that clubs have a responsibility to control the action of away supporters in the ground.

KiddCdog said...

Arsenole good article on the match but just one criticism. We all watched the matched so we dont need another match review. Think about it, hopefully you might lift your game.