Friday, October 17, 2008

ArseNole Podcast Episode 4

Yeah I told you there was going to be a podcast today and there actually is so that is awesome. I think it's pretty good but that's why I need people to listen to it, so it isn't only my opinion. I go over a lot of stuff in a little time, including Gallas, the injuries, a review of our fixtures so far this year, internationals, preview the Everton match, the salary cap situation and a couple of other things.

Remember to submit your emails for the podcast with whatever you want, good jokes, funny emails, rants about Arsenal or Sp*rs or some other twats, whatever you want. The best email that I read on each podcast will win some sort of prize from So email anything you think is good to, but if it's garbage and spam then I'm going to block you and eat your children.

But yeah, leave your comments about the podcast, or anything else you want. The more feedback I get the better the next ones will be. Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

There have been many previous false dawns where we have thought, “yes, this is it. This is going to be THE SEASON.”

And then, sadly we have been let down. The lads have not quite been up to it. They have tried, we have urged them on, but in the end, failure.

However this season, it might just happen. I really do believe that. This could be the year to end all years. The great moment.

I speak of course of the relegation of the Tiny Totts into the Championship.

I did not dare to think it possible until I watched their game against the might of Stoke City in which, true to their current form, the Tiny Totts lost. There was no doubt the usual racist and homophobic chanting from their supporters, and that will of course be ignored by the FA, the police, and the Tottenham club. They are supposedly reacting this time to the coin throwing that is also often associated with north London’s third team but I doubt much will happen.

But let us turn aside to broader issues. This game was the “turning point” - the moment when the great drive towards a Top 4 finish, and a gallant move into their “spiritual home” of the Champs League would start.

But, it went a bit wrong. It was defeat number 17 for Ramos, the great play maker, the great inventor, the great manager. Mr Bale, apparently one of their “best players” (I use the phrase outside its normal meaning) was sent off. A Mr Dawson was also sent off, and a Mr Corluka collided with his own goalkeeper, Mr Gomes and had to be taken to hospital. We wish him well.

Stoke hit both posts and the bar time and time again, and in the end Tottenham now have their worst start not just in the EPL, not just in the top division, not just in this century and the last, but ever, ever, ever.

If only the FA would look into the racist abuse handed out by their supporters and give them a 3 point penalty, we could see them with negative points.

Generally speaking on a sunday evening (as I write) the Tinies sack their manager, so this is now a real possibility.

The game’s afoot.

Fun, isn’t it?

JH92 said...

this is great mate. gr8 podcast. soz i havent been commenting much but my health and state im in is not gd, and going on the computer doesnt help. but gd job with the blog and keep up the gd work and go the gunners.

ps. keep doing more podcasts.

cheers mate.

jamesgillesp said...

Turkey is amazing mate - i went there for 2 weeks this summer - it is a really great and diverse country.

Also Gallas was a great defender - but he isn't playing so well at the moment - not every player can play great every season

Apart from that, good podcast..