Saturday, October 4, 2008

Give Me Goal-Line Technology!

We've just had a goal rules out because the referree called a ball out of bounds when it clearly wasn't. Theo beat his defender on the byline and last I checked the ball has to go completely over the line. It certainly didn't, and he turned and crossed and van Persie finished wonderfully. Where is the goal-line technology when you need it!? C'mon Arsenal!


jamesgillesp said...

Yeah, true - that goal could have changed the game..

Goal line technology is needed in the Premiership...

Mike said...

There's no way the linesman could have seen it even if it was out, Theo's body was between him and the ball.

Oh well, unlucky game so I'll take the point.

I think that was Cesc's first ever headed goal.

Anonymous said...

I really had to take exception to the comment I heard on MOTD when the announcer (not sure who it was) referred to Liverpool's 3-2 victory over City as "one of the greatest comebacks in Premier league history". I mean, come on, was the comeback really THAT incredible, I get the feeling the announcer is a Pool fan. Full credit on the fight back to Pool, impressive stuff, so no disrespect to their deserved victory, but you almost felt there was inevitability about the whole affair after the red card (which is a compliment to Pool). The facts are Pool scored their first in the 56th minute and played the last 25 minutes with an extra attacker. Compare this to last year when Arsenal came back from a two goal deficit to beat Bolton 3-2 after having Diaby sent off in the 31st minute, and Arsenal didn't even get their first til the 62nd minute. Not to mention that it kept Arsenal in the title race (albeit fruitlessly in the end), coming when morale was down on the back of 4 draws (including the infamous Eduardo Birmingham game), and a loss to Chelsea where Sagna got injured as well. Now that is what I call a great comeback.

Connolly's agent said...

You realise we sat back until the 80th minute? That's the real reason we lost. If we'd be confident enough to attack like we normally do, it would've been fine. We lost because we played three in the middle, because we needed Denilson AND Song to do the work of the dearly departed (and VERY fugly) Flamini. We lost because no one's ready to replace Flamini yet. It's all in my blog, if anyone's interested.

It was a debatable decision. And it's split-second. The ref probably stuck out his arm three seconds before he could think again about the decision. You've got to let these ones go - just luck of the draw. And TV footage didn't show it clearly enough, anyway.

Anonymous said...

It’s time to give the youngsters a chance… and if they can’t do it then spend in January .

After the Sunderland debacle, I’m fully behind that a few players need to be dropped? The only trouble is that now the international break has come upon us again, we have to play another waiting game to see who comes back unscathed. Also, the Sunderland game will be out of their minds, so there is no time for Wenger to have a go at and punish certain underachievers in the squad. But he does have over a week and a half to think of something to do when they return.

I, like many, think the performance against Sunderland was unacceptable and I feel sorry for those of you who paid good money and traveled all that way to watch that. Players like Adebayor (who I think has his mind elsewhere), Gallas, hell - all the squad, must understand that nobody is undroppable and get this complacent attitude out of their systems. To win the league you have to win games like our last two and if you don’t it will cost you later on in the year. That is what happened last year when too many draws and two narrow defeats cost us in the end, on top of the injuries.

Wenger keeps praising the youngsters, so why not give the likes of young Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs and Vela a run in the side? They will give more as they actually want to fight for a starting berth. At Sunderland, the only players that looked like they gave a damn were Cesc - who spared our blushes - Kolo, Clichy and Sagna. That’s not good enough. I know we had a legitimate goal ruled out but it happens to us so often we have to get used to it; maybe if we were a certain team in blue we’d have got the goal.

The boss no doubt has to shake things up for the Everton game. With so many of our boys on international duty, it’s the perfect opportunity to try something different and freshen the team up. Leave Ade, RVP and Gallas on the bench and go with Vela, Bendtner, Djourou and Silvestre - who the jury is still out on. Give young Denilson a break as I think his display on Saturday showed he needs it. Also, give Diaby a go if he’s fit. Give it an hour with the new-look line-up and see what becomes of it.

Wenger must not be afraid to leave out the ‘star’ names if they’re not performing. If this doesn’t work out then HE MUST DIP INTO THIS SUPPOSED £100 MILLION WARCHEST AND GO OUT AND SPEND IN JANUARY, certainly on the defensive and attacking parts of the team. A majority of the youngsters will maybe go out on loan, so the squad won’t be too overcrowded. I know we have Eduardo and Tomas to come back but, barring a miracle, they will need time.

We could even take a gamble on somebody like - dare I say it - Thierry Henry. Wenger’s done it in the past with Kanu, Suker, Campbell and Wiltord - all of whom turned out great for us. At least it shows us, the fans who spend our hard-earned cash to go and watch the team that he’s trying to rectify the situation.

But we all know Wenger doesnt have the guts to drop Ade or Gallas to the bench and i hope that this does not become our fall at this early stage in the season.