Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still International Week...

There is nothing to write about! This is the longest international week I think in history. The leading story on Arsenal.com is ANOTHER story about Amaury Bischoff. I can't even be bothered to watch that. Only four days to go until we finally play again. Then I can go back to being sane, at least until we have another bad performance which will drive me insane, but that's a good insane.

The only semi-news story out there is that Stephen Appiah will probably sign for a club in the next few days, but not neccessarily Arsenal. West Ham is looking like a strong favorite to sign him but I suppose there's still a chance he could come to Arsenal.

I think they play some more internationals tomorrow but I can't be arsed to pay attention or even watch. England are awful and I hate most of their players anyway. I used to like watching France but Domenech should have been fired by now. So hopefully we'll get back to some real news very soon.

For today though I'll leave you with one of my favorite musical selections.

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Andre said...

I love France, but Domenech is an idiot. I just wrote all about it on my blog.