Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Arsenal Do Sheffield United Dirty

Arsenal are currently winning 5-0 in the Carling Cup against Sheffield United. It's absolutely brilliant considering it's out youngest ever side. Bendtner has 2 goals, Vela has 2 goals and Little Jack has 1. I'll get up a match report later tonight. Up the Gunners!


Michael said...

that's 6-0
Vela scored a hattrick ;)

Andre said...

A shocking performance. I wish I'd been able to watch it.

Trust Arsene!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Sheffield Utd were poor but it was still an excellent performance from the young Gunners (which is generally the case in a 6-0 scoreline - ask Pompey). But to say Arsene was right in not buying that experienced central midfielder is in my opinion wrong. Up front yeah we look good, defence is okay at the moment but still vunerable to the odd lapse. But all this 'he is proved right by not buying anyone' stuff is a bit much considering it's still September. I mean Reyes was a world-beater every Septemeber we had him. Jan-March was a different story though.

To be fair though it's not just the Gooners that were excited Sky Sports and the papers had a love-in too. Is it wrong for us to praise our youngest ever first team for beating a team who were in Premiership two years ago 6-0? The comments from the Man City fan were a bit off the mark too. Arsenal do develop domestic players, Chelsea even have one of them, another plays at the scum down the road now. AW wanted to keep them so it's not his fault they left. We also had Sidwell, Pennant, Harper, Taylor, Muamba I can't be bothered to list them all but they were all domestic players coming through our academy (I'm not even including Walcott in there) and have carved careers in the Premiership. If a newly-promoted or Championship team wants a player on loan from an academy which team do they look at first do you think? I'm sure we developed more players in the current England squads than Man City have. The squad last night was one of the future and there were seven English players in there and one Welsh player - sure, not all will make it at Arsenal but the best ones will. Plus I'm sure that the owner himself came out bragging about buying these stars - it wasn't Wenger making it up so if the owner says something else it's him that's muddying the waters.

Mark Hughes isn't concerned with Arsenal because it is a stable club and nothing out of the ordinary is going on there. If we were bought out by a trazillionaire and he was asked questions about it I'm sure he'd answer them too. Oh and to those Bolton fans who will hopefully be enjoying the Championship next season, yes a lot of Gooners did moan about Diaby and think he can be a bit of a liability with his tackling.