Friday, September 5, 2008

I Want Stephen Appiah At Arsenal

Morning all. International breaks are simply awful. The good news is the Jaguars and the Seminoles start this weekend, and the Under 8's I coach start this weekend as well. So that will attempt to keep my mind off of the lack of a game this weekend for Arsenal.

If you haven't heard, former Fenerbache midfielder Stephen Appiah is a free agent. I don't see why we shouldn't sign him. He's been a good player and although he's had some injuries lately, you can't deny the fact that it would be a good move. He would be free for one thing, except for his salary, and he would add depth to our midfield. I think he could step in and partner Cesc, if not right away, then at least for the second half of the season. It looks like Arsenal are interested in signing him, so if it is going to happen let's hope that it will be soon so he can get in and learn the way we play and try to get some training under his belt. Arsenal Insider disagrees with me, saying that Stephen Appiah would be an embarrassing signing and compares him to Amaury Bischoff. But Appiah is not Bischoff. Appiah is the captain of Ghana and has played well during his career, while Bischoff has never even really had a career. Appiah is a much better player and why wouldn't you want to add depth when we so desperately need it? Still, just shows that not everyone is convinced that he is [part] of the answer.

Speaking of Bischoff, says he will be back in full training in a few weeks.

Since Keith Edelman left the club in April, Arsenal have been looking for a new managing director to replace him, and the search could end soon.

“It is progressing quite well. We are getting to the end of the story. I am involved in it and I am consulted for it but it is down to the board to make that decision. Having consulted me, they will take the responsibility to name the right person. I think the decision will be made soon but I don’t know exactly when.”

So he doesn't really give us any hints about who it could be or even an estimate of when it will be but it does seem that Arsenal will have a new managing director soon. I still haven't gotten the call offering me the job, somewhat surprisingly, but I will accept if they ask me.

I don't have that much else to write about really, since there is no much to look forward to, no transfers to talk about, or very much of anything actually. But let me know what you think of Appiah and stuff and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Cheers!


Nightman said...


I have watched him for both Juve and Ghana and have always thought he was REAL quality...

This was 2 or 3 years ago, but I knew it then.

I am telling you guys you wont be let down....he will HARDLY PUT A FOOT WRONG, much like such favorites as Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, and Sagna.....

Gooner14 said...

Appiah was struggling with a life threatening injury while at Fener. He's obviously a class act and can play the defensive game as well as the offensive, he'd add the depth we're screaming for. He does have a penchance for injuries but a great example is that overmars who was also signed in similar circumstance and doens't even remember how THAT turned out?

He's free, the deal with WHU is rumoured to be around only 40 k a week and thats pocket change for a club like arsenal.

I for one, am all for appiah.

Mike said...

27 hours until the Seminoles play!

This is one week I can live with an international break, because I don't need any divided attention.

eboue's true colours said...

Appiah for free? WHy the hell not? If you have a chance, check out his moves during last olympics in greece. u will b impressed. FREE?? why is there even a discussion?

jamesgillesp said...

Hello mate,
The only thin that worries me about Appiah is that he has had injury problems - we have enough of these as it is..

Andre said...

Neither Diaby nor Denielson have ever really impressed me so I suppose a Appiah on a free transfer would be nice.

gooner4life said...

well, if he's free, it cant be bad in any way so i say go for it