Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drubbed By the Scum

Yes yes, I'm back. I've had a bit of a blogger's block if you will, but after watching the match yesterday I had to write something. If you didn't know already, we lost 5-1 for a total of 6-2 on aggregate and Sp*rs are through to the final. Bloody terrible and it made me cringe while watching it. I thought about finding a bridge to jump off of but it would have wasted too much gas.

So I'm not going to bother with a match report since it was so bloody terrible. Check out if you really want to read one. I do however have some observations.

First off, this is NOT the same Cesc we saw at the beginning of the season before his injury. He was scoring goals and playing some of the best football I've seen. Lately he has been very sloppy and his passing has been off, and apparently he left he shooting boots in 2007 because he hasn't been hitting the target. I don't know if he isn't 100% healthy or if he's just in a bad patch of form but let's hope he turns this around soon.

Secondly, Theo Walcott has not looked like he is ready to play at this level. Sure every now and then he has a good game or a good twenty minute appearance where you think he's going to be great all the time but he is consistently not where we need him to be. He was miserable yesterday. I don't know what needs to be done but he isn't ready to play in the Arsenal first team yet. Maybe loan him out. Who knows?

Third and final is that we really need Kolo Toure back. Hoyte wasn't completely miserable but I don't think there was very good communication at all between him and Gallas. I just hope our league performances will still be good even with a different pairing than the preferred one at the back.

Good performances I think were from Sagna who is almost always outstanding, and Diaby who was solid with his passing and also took some shots.

Arsene Wenger spoke after the game saying,

"Of course it is disappointing because we lost. I feel that everything went against us. We were always in the situation where we were chasing the score. We were open to counterattacking and we were not mature enough to stop the counterattacking."

That's about it for this day. Feel free to write any comments about your views on any of it.

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