Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adebayor Apoligizes to Bendty

So if you haven't heard, Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicky Bendtner had a bit of a row during the game Tuesday. Apparently when he came on he said to Nick, "I'm only on because you're shite," says The Sun, who is of course always 100% accurate. Gallas went and stepped in to kind of break it up. The FA are looking into it, which seems a bit stupid to me but the FA isn't known for being the smartest blokes in the world.

Yesterday though Adebayor apologized for the fight saying:

"We are a strong unit and what happened last night against Spurs will strengthen our desire and determination to compete for other targets. We are both passionate about this club and sometimes that can be projected in the wrong way. It was a mistake. We want to focus on the games ahead and rely on our squad's great togetherness to achieve a fantastic season."

So we don't really know what the fight was about but hopefully they will put it behind them as soon as possible. I think Adebayor will because that kind of thing doesn't seem like it would bother him, but Bendtner has shown that he does take his issues harshly and speaks publicly about them. He seems like a bit of a head case but maybe that is just because he is young. He is definitely a quality player though and hopefully this won't upset him too much.

Remember yesterday when I said we should send Theo Walcott on loan? Well now the Daily Mail is reporting that we are going to do just that. I think it would be good for him to get away for a bit and get some first team action somewhere else. Hopefully that doesn't lead to his departure as a lot of loans do, because I do think he will be quality. He just isn't quite there yet.

Looking ahead, we play Newcastle twice in a row coming up, in the FA Cup and in the league, and we need to win both. We already played terribly once this year against them and it's time to correct that. We can't afford it to be like last year where we went out of a bunch of cups in a row. Hopefully the team picks their heads up and goes out there with a strong performance. I'd expect to see our best team out there for both matches so lets hope for two wins in a row.

You know if I’m playing footy with my team I often call my team mates things like “shite-faced cunts” and things just to have a laugh, not because they really have faces full of shite. Maybe Ade was just trying to be humorous? And who knows what he really said you can’t believe what the press writes about it anyways. Important thing is not what happened, but what happens in the future. Adebayor has been scoring all year long and he, Sagna, and Hleb have been our best players in my opinion. It is up to Wenger and Gallas how the team comes back from an internal incident like this. Adebayor has already apoligized, which was the right step. Let’s just hope Bendtner can put on his big boy pants now and suck it up and play. Cheers to a win against Newcastle!

Come on you Gunners!

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